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Blue Skies vs. Dreary Cloudy Days

“Am I the Only One?”

“Am I the only one” who feels in the similar moods as the weather.  the same lethargic and lack of energy when the weather is gloomy,  dreary I find myself lethargic and with a lack of energy and  similarly when it’s sunny out I feel more cheerful? Hopefully not. There has to be some kind of science to this phenomenon (I found myself asking). Sure enough with some digging I found out, there is.

According to “Heat and extreme rain brings out the worst in people, and the same could be shown for even areas experiencing a higher rainfall than expected”- normally. They sited research from Hsiang et. Al, (2013) that found “a link between human aggression and higher temperatures with a jump of 14% in conflicts”. Similar results were also found for rainy days. Other research also revealed the idea of “weather personalities” such as “summer lovers”, “summer haters”, “rain haters” and “unaffected by weather”. Each affects our attitude towards different types of rainy weather, it’s also worth noting that men and women reacted differently to unexpected rainy weather. Overall, through my research the reading suggests that (unfortunately) the weather doesn’t have as big an impact on our moods as I thought.

Some remedies I found helpful- however- may be good to consider in lifting your spirits on those dreaded cloudy days:

  • Try lighting a small candle to bring some light into the dark and dreariness of wherever you are working (or alternatively turn on some  lights) to create the illusion of a cheery day
  • Put on lively music to distract from your down mood
  • Find a comfy spot and put on a good movie
  • Or to help you look forward to the sunny days, you could purchase one of those dollar store solar toys that moves when the sun is shining. For me, I know it only works on those days and I look forward to putting it up by my window and watching it sway back and forth- having it up there makes me appreciate the sunshine even more so and open my windows!

One thing I’ve learned is that these dark and cloudy days make me appreciate the beautiful sunny weather when it comes my way!

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