This blog is about my very own personal journey into embracing who I am and what has helped me to do so along the way. More importantly it’s also going to be a journey into further acceptance and embracing life on the spectrum with Aspergers (as in the title) with a tie into some techniques and tips that have helped me understand myself and cope better with it. All in all it’s really about learning… learning to be more open, gentler on myself, to see what I consider different as a good thing, and how to inspire others to do the same because it can be hard to do it in the open- especially if it means baring witness to every aspect of being different (the good and the bad).

So far I’ve done well in doing this for myself but here you’ll get a peak inside the true me and how I experience life on the spectrum along with some creative fun.

To conclude,

I hope you’ll enjoy the blogs new direction and come along with me on this very different journey.


*NEW-ish: I’ve been working on a project over at Blogger called “The Creativity Challenge” on this address http://creativityatplay123.blogspot.ca exploring creativity in all forms and what it means to be creative. So far there’s been success in baking, knitting and using pastels. Check it out if you like. 


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