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Reflecting on One Year of Art

And Moving into a New Creative Space

Greetings friends,

Hard to believe that it’s already April, but it is this month that I first started my artistic journey- April 2021- and that makes it one year of creating, learning the art of practice, growing within it. It’s been a year full of many and much needed artistic evenings of artistic escapades that have me reflecting on where this journey, indeed began and realizing that there’s something quite special about where it all began.

I remember being in a tough space, my cat at the time went through a series of health scares that ended up at the end of April him passing away. It was devastating for me to lose his companionship after still going through a rough year of working through pandemic changes at the time, and the general stress of just life. At the time, I was often desperate for some form of distraction and a coping skill, something to help me hold onto and work through my emotions or get my mind off of dwelling on his absence, while help navigate through that grief like a life raft, and art became that. It was just the healthy distraction I needed to turn that sorrow into something, and during those first few days investing in my practice how going to my local art store for supplies created little moments of joy and distraction. It was that little bit of joy to get out of the house, where his memories weren’t and browse the stores. Looking at those paints, the sketchbooks and brushes became something to put my thoughts towards and get my mind off the fact that my “furry roommate” was no longer home. I could look forward to trying them out and create that space to just be and let the tough feelings out. I look back at those early creations in my portfolio with a tender awe, recognizing that it was just the beginning of this journey for me, not knowing that a year later I would still be practicing and growing as an artist and that it would still be something that I look forward to at the end of the day.

Nor as with many things, would I have realized how wonderful it has been to see watercolour grow into a practice with each evening at my art desk, as it’s continued to become a place for me to continue to escape the stresses of life in, cope better with change and ultimately become something I still look forward to. Most surprisingly of all is that after many days of converting my desk to my art space and back again I would finally be able to create a separate space to paint and that would mean so much more to me than I would know. A space that’s not just in my mind, mentally, but physically and it’s made even more of a difference into my creative progress. As I can go into this new space and leave paints out, or have all my supplies organized, or look out the window and let some natural light shine in as I work away at my art desk and reinvigorate myself with it’s light and inspiration, which I love. Having that space has made all the world of difference when it comes to finding the motivation to create because I can eliminate the hassle of having to find places for my computer and other desk items while converting my desk into to an art space and vice versa; and don’t have to worry about feeling and awkward leaving my paint supplies out.

All this to stay that sometimes staying open to new experiences or hobbies sometimes may just be the thing that helps you get through in a tough time and sticks; or it may just be for that time. Whatever it is, and however it shows up continue to stay open and know that just as I have figured out with art, there might just be a very important reason that that thing shows up in our lives.

**Additionally, as a sidenote: You can catch much of my artistic journey on Instagram at: @aspergirlkylie where I record my artistic thoughts and creations as they come up. My latest post there talked about how art has become my inner practice and a sacred space, and how it’s everything these days, but also the simplest thing.

Take care friends, and stay open,