A Not So Slight Update

The Small Steps Forward I’ve Taken and Plans for Independence in the Coming Year!

Well… long time no write or see friends. Literally, I can’t remember the last time I had the chance to sit down and actually write for this blog, so sorry if it’s also a little rambling but life’s been really busy in all sorts of interesting and wonderful ways and there’s much to catch up on. Anyways, I’m glad to be back now and getting back into the swing of this thing (if only for a month or so, it’s enough to put a word or two out there.

First off I’d like to thank those who have stuck around, those who have dropped by (I’ve noticed you in the stats), those who may be just joining in and those who are tuning in now patiently ready for an update. I appreciate you all and your patience in my delay to write, truly I’ve been surprised to see that people have continued to stop by, even as I haven’t been writing. Now to the update, which is that in the meantime life has been moving steadily forward for myself, and I mean that steadily in most directions. Thus for in the process of all that’s been happening I’ve been figuring out how to move steadily forward with it. A part of this, of course, is that my mission to expand my library education via courses. A goal that is going particularly well, and through all the learning I’ve done for this program I’ve realized two things: one is that I’m starting to figure out I have a real knack for libraries, but two also it’s taken a lot of hard work to keep up with my studies and therefore has also meant sacrificing some of the other things I equally enjoy, that’s been put on the back burner. Things like art for one, which I have an interest and passion in as well, writing for another and compromise towards the independence goal. As such I’ve found myself feel guilty about not being able to pop on here often as I would have liked or work on my art- both of which I hope that this break will allow myself to do a tad more of.

The other part of it being is my big buzz word “Independence”. It’s taken me to this point to realize that creating my own independence is really, really, really, especially important to me. Like particularly important to me as I don’t want to always rely on others to help me get around or take care of myself(and I’ll take a second here to mention that there’s going to be a more indepth blogpost about the topic coming soon). For now I’ll say that I’m a grown adult and I should be doing these things, but sometimes it’s just so darn hard to fit them in and find the energy to work towards them after balancing a work shift and studies (see previous point on work and course work for an explanation). The good news is that I have started on the latter-independence- and am proud of the progress I’ve made in this department. For real, I’ve found out that I am capable of taking the bus to the Mall for instance on my own own and walking home from work that have and will continue to be two big steps forward. In light of all this, we’ve come to the Winter season over here where walking home in the evenings isn’t always possible and it’s a little chilly to wait for a bus. Additionally, these last few weeks I’ve had to use a lot of my focus on getting through the Fall semester and preparing for the holidays, which has me in the precarious position of reconfiguring my approach to independence amongst trying to balance working towards furthering my education, while actually working.

It’s not always easier, and as I’ve been reflecting on this balance between wanting to do everything as I remember it and waiting until things aren’t as piled up I realized that we can still have our goals in mind, and that even when we can’t get around to them completely or as much as we’d like it doesn’t make them any less of a goal or worth considering. They still can be our goals and there will be in good time to do them when we wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed by the process of working through them when life gets crazy or other commitments need our attention more promptly. So, in the meantime, we can allow ourselves some extra grace and understanding, knowing that just because we can’t get to all our goals right away, doesn’t mean that they won’t ever happen and as I am learning to be patient with myself, I hope that through sharing my own thoughts around progressing through goals you are able to realize that for yourselves, and give each other some extra grace.

Gratefully to be Back,