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To Bullet Journal or Not?

That is the question…

So, the question remains “have I been persuaded by the dot?”. It, being bullet journaling, seems to be something many others have caught onto lately and something of a trend as I’ve increasingly read about, heard about and scrolled the countless instagram feeds full of beautifully laid out spreads. Recently, to add to my own curiousity I even took out a couple of e-books on bullet journaling to read up and really get a good understanding of the trend before investing in the experience myself.

Before I get into my experience, I think it’s important here for us to get a baseline of what exactly is bullet journaling or dot journaling as it’s also known as. Well, according to Rachel Wilkerson Miller in her book titled “Dot Journaling” is “a method of planning, journaling, and note-taking that involves writing quick, short phrases or sentences and marking them with simple symbols so you can easily categorize and track them” (pg. 31). From further understanding in this helpful book it seems to therefore be a combination of traditional journaling (of which I’ve been a constant fan of) and planning all in one; with the addition of an organization system using symbols and function of adding what the book calls “trackers” to help users/journallers keep track of their goals, habits to curve or embrace and progress in all. Oh… the lure of it sounds so enticing, and I suppose it can be. After all in the process of researching this style of planning myself I was both awed by the committment it takes to successfully bullet journal and slightly intimidated by the elements involved in putting together a bullet journal system. For gosh sakes, you can even include an index in yours that upon proper set up helps you flip to the correct page or spread. Yet, there is a third part of me after the shock and awe of it, that has perked the creative, detailed oriented journaller in me. The one that adores a good list, has journaled pretty regularly for the last few years and is always up for a creative challenge, this version has been genuniely curious as to whether bullet journaling is for her and as such has been going over her own stlye of bullet points… some of which include:

  • The fact that I am in a very brief transition period at the moment, which includes eventually adjusting to new schedules and classes starting up in less than a week. However, bullet journaling might help me get back on board with a more structured routine and better keep track of my academic progress.
  • On the other hand, I’ve already started a few new hobbies during the pandemic (watercolour which I love and have a real developed talent for; and brush lettering which I am still learning to master) but considering that bullet journaling is a creative style of journaling it could play well into these two things and I believe I already have some supplies.
  • Lastly, the very big important question: Will it actually help me feel more organized in my life or will the sheer task of trying to figure it out just add to the stress of adjusting to new routines?

Only time and perhaps trying it will tell. So wish me luck as I continue to investigate and form my own strategic plan on how I plan to use it.

– Yours,