The Importance of Creating Summer Structure

The summer season is upon us friends and you know what that means… more reading perhaps, creating and definitely more free time between working and not working. It’s a good thing really after grinding through the Winter and Spring semester that I am able to take the summer off from courses, but it’s also challenging in that I have come to find myself in the interesting position of more free time than I *as of yet* know what to do with. For some this might be okay, but for me this lack of structure, especially when it comes to figuring out a schedule is a challenging experience in that I find myself in the midst of this transition with a list of goals to achieve and activities to do but no real idea of how to structure it all into my free days. It is for this reason, why I believe that things like a consistent work schedule and course work/semester kept me on a track and feeling more structured in place, and why now on the other side of having slightly less structure I am panicking just a little about how to best use this time.

You see, as someone who works better with external motivation having things set in place for me has helped me not only figure out what to do first, but has motivated me to get a good start on important tasks, whether it be reading, working on assignments or knowing how to make the most of my time before and after working. Not only that but having some sort of external schedule helps in prioritizing my tasks (as mentioned above), ease the extra brain power needed to think up a plan and the anxiety around not knowing what to do next or how to spend that time. Do I start with blogging in the morning because I have my best ideas in the morning? Or do I go with what I feel like at the time and hope that by the afternoon I am still up for some writing? All worthy questions that I am considering for myself.

In addition another reason why I am apt to keep some sort of structure going into this summer course work break is that I know in the Fall when I am back into my two course work routine that, that will be another adjustment for me, and there’s this lingering fear that if I don’t have at least some sort of structure in place through the summer (*especially on one’s days off) then when the time comes to jump right into the Fall routine it will be a jolt of an adjustment for me.

So, here’s what I have so far:

These are the things that I would like to enjoy in moderation, but continue to work at through the summer. One is that I am really trying to develop and hone in my creative watercolour skills, just in the short time I have started this artform I can already see my progress and am quite encouraged with it. Alongside, this creative flow I am doing my best to continue writing for the blog (it’s something that hasn’t really left my mind and now that I have more time to work on it has returned to the good old to-do list. These are the two main things, the rest are help out more at home, fit in more time for reading or audiobook listening (I already have a small list of summer reads lined up), and amidst it all try to work on just “enjoying the summer” easier said than done, but as I’ve heard and read, rest can be just as productive as being productive. Do I have quite the work cut off for me, for sure… but I am keen on figuring it out, even if it’s one day at a time.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on creating summer structure. Perhaps they will help you with yours and feel free to share what sorts of activities you are planning for this summer.