Autism Insights, My Journey

31 Series Pt. 3- The Last Few Things on My List

Howdy, I know it’s kind of a week late but if there is one addition thing I now know of myself it’s that things unfinished, especially my things so in capping off our 31 things series here’s the last items on the list and then from here we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming/posting.

We left off, appropriately with the fact that summer is one of my favourite season, as well as Fall.

Twenty One – Thirty Three

21. I have a love of learning

22. I had a blog before Life on the Spectrum and wrote on it anonymously

23. I didn’t always plan to be an advocate, but the role just appeared in my life and I am learning to embrace it.

24. I’ve done public speaking a handful of times, enjoyed sharing my insights and experiences in person along with answering questions. You can find a post about that experience on my blog.

25. I occasionally have wrote poetry, still do sometimes

26. I am proud of myself for how much I’ve grown

27. Seeing what other people can create/have created inspires me

28. I have only recently in the last few years discovered the direction I want to go in

29. I know it’s never too late to keep learning

30. I am a loyal and caring friend

31. Lastly, I am grateful for all who follow along on this journey and who have supported me through it.

Thank-you all for support, and seeing me through this mini series. More “normal” not all about me posts coming soon.

Yours Truly,