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31 Things I Know to Be True- Pt. 2

The Birthday Blogpost List (Actually Continues)

Here we are again, another week officially starting birthday month and you know what that means that our 31 things series continues with Pt. 2 of this list. One I must admit, I am impressed by but pleased to be sharing more… as long as you don’t mind. So, here we go, with Part 2 (numbers 11-30)

Part two of the List:

  • I am the oldest of three siblings
  • I like to know details in advance so I can better plan in my calendar, but have gotten better with going with the flow
  • My key interests can change at whim, I’ve gone through a baking phase, knitting, writing (which is ongoing), and now watercolour, but mainly I’d say they evolve around creativity
  • I graduated from college twice
  • When it comes to traditional paperback books vs digital, I prefer paperback, call me old school if you must, but I like the weight of books in my hands
  • Journaling is a favourite coping tool of mine
  • My current favourite authors are: Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah and Kelly Rimmer. I have also read Margaret Atwood, and Elizabeth Gilbert
  • I have a big sweet tooth, and desserts are my favourite meal (just ask my family)
  • I prefer short hair over long hair, short hair easier to maintain and style
  • Summer is one of my favourite seasons. I also appreciate Fall.

Well that’s it’s for this week. I hope you’ve been enjoying these brief blogposts and series. Tune in next week for the last of this list and conclusion.

Happy June All,