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31 Things I Know to Be True

A Birthday Inspired Blogpost (Pt. 1)

Greetings fellow readers,

Birthday month is literally around the corner, and once more I have brainstormed a new take on how to write this year’s birthday post, which as you may have been reading along, each year since starting this blog I have shared something birthday related or themed. Some examples were Turning Thirty and My Connection to Wild and a Letter to My Birthday Self.

Well, for this year I decided, once more, to try a different take and share with you 31 things I know to be true of me. Some of them may be truths about myself, some interesting facts or new things I’ve discovered I actually like in the past year. Also, since thirty is a lot of things I’m breaking it down into one or two parts- this being the first. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this post and I guess getting to know me more.

The First Ten Items on “The List”:

  1. I am a creator, and therefore creative: Whether it be taking up knitting, baking or most recently watercolour. Anything creative seems to easily catch my interest and be added into the creative mix. It also appears that most creative things help me cope and destress… so there’s that bonus as well.
  2. I am a cat lover: After having our first family pet be a cat and falling in love. I know for sure that in the future there’s space for a cat and that cats are an ideal companion for me in that if I am lucky enough, one is out there waiting.
  3. I am stronger than ever before: Over-all, this year has taught me a lot and if there’s one thing I am continuously learning from it, it’s that I have found I am capable of more than I believe, especially in changing circumstances.
  4. I am on the Autistic Spectrum: While I have not posted on the blog as often or may not be as knowledgable, with each passing year I am continuingly coming to accept my neurodiverse way of thinking and am continuously learning from others on the spectrum. Furthermore, I am working on appreciating the strengths that come with it.
  5. After years of claiming to be a mushroom hater, I am gradually warming up to them and enjoy them in select dishes. I also enjoy olives on pizza or flat breads, maybe even in salads.
  6. I am detail oriented to the core: Sometimes this comes to my advantage in that it allows me to be good at my job. While other times it can make it harder to see the bigger picture.
  7. Grateful for the support of family and friends: If not for the support of my family, I don’t know how I would get through and I am forever grateful for them.
  8. My new favourite colours are pastel pinks and light greenie blues. Like my room.
  9. As always I have a strong love of reading, even if I am not the fastest reader I very much enjoy the activity
  10. Succulents are my new favourite thing. Caring for them, painting them and saving them on Pinterest has become a new interest of mine.

Images from: Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

Feature photo: Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash