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A Blogpost of Happy Things

Listen peeps, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, wondering what on earth to write for this deserted corner of the Internet. After all, so much has happened but very few I’m ready to share yet or don’t know how. What I have come to realize is that amongst the continuous stress and heartache of this situation there are still a few things that are a bright light in my life and that have helped me through all the rest of this experience lately. So, this blogpost is dedicated to exactly those things.

  1. Family: Literally, I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve helped me navigate through the pandemic and supported me in all my endeavours, listened to my stories, and complaints about life in general andddd…. through all of it they’ve been there like this solid means of support. So, to them I just want to say thank you for always being there and being good company during this crazy experience.
  2. Art: Now, this experience I’ve actually been meaning to get around to writing, but I have so many thoughts on it, plus the experience of literally making art over writing it that the blogpost has been delayed. I will say however, that I’ve never appreciated my need for creativity more than I have this last little while. It’s become like a salvation of mine through all the changes and events that’s life thrown my way and continuing to help me through.
  3. Good TV shows: Yes, that’s right on top of doing some good art, I’ve been ploughing through Netflix TV. Currently, my top two shows are: The Crown (Season 2) and The Office. They make the perfect distraction to all of life’s circumstances and pairs well with working or art in the afternoons after a busy day (for me anyways).
  4. Spotify Playlists: Again, this inspiration is another thing that has really helped me stay inspired and calm. I often while working when classes were in session, and doing artwork. I’ll put on a playlist to set the mood. A few of my favourites in this category are: Keep Calm, Musical Therapy, and Your Coffee Break. I am also able to listen to cool podcasts on it as well.
  5. Art Supply Stores: Let it be known that by now I should and probably will have the Michael’s phone number mesmerized for all my spontaneous trips for the various supplies, but it’s true and most recently I have discovered another art supply store known as Curry’s to snag some really good paint brushes (amongst other things).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this short blogpost, and feel free to share what things are making you happy recently down below,