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The Joyful Journey- Pt. 1

Drawing Up a Storm

So here I am again revisiting the blog and it’s felt good to get the last blogpost out. As much as it’s taken time to do so, and get my butt into gear I feel now that I’m carving it more into my scheduled free time, I hope to be sharing more. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Anyways, for this next one I am sharing a bit of an update on my creative and joyful journey, with one of the first and fabulous things that are currently bringing me joy… and that’s drawing and calligraphy.

Drawing and calligraphy, especially have always been two creative mediums/endeavours that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing. From a young age, I used to sit at school and doodle on the inside of my school ruled notebooks while listening in class and in the occasion sketch book that used to float around. Eventually, the doodling made its way into making my own greeting cards to share with family, and as such as it has been something naturally fun for me. Sketching on the other hand, is an interest on and off, and has taken various trends, there was one such instance where I tried a portrait drawing class, but found that wasn’t quite my speed; so an effort to get into things myself explored those “how to draw” sketch books. The ones years later now, I’ve tried to follow but still found a challenge, no friends what seemed to have worked best for me (oddly) is doing my sketches from what they call “free hand”. For me, this means pulling up Google images on my iPad and choosing a character or browsing new lettering styles on Pinterest to see what my next project will be. In this way, I can search anything and anytime, slipping between sketching when the mood strikes and lettering the next without even switching between books or beats, and thanks to my own creative tuition has set me a foot on my own creative journey of “joyful” exploration for those particular stressful or long days (or any day really). The benefits of this activity over others are in themselves rewarding from gradually reducing my screen time, giving me an end of day or studies reward, to having an outlet to get lost in… the Internet, my tools and I have now known no bounds as I’ve continued to explore the creative process.  As for those times it doesn’t work out, well… then that’s the learning piece for me, the patience, the reminder that maybe I’ll be able to try again tomorrow, or that inspiration might strike better another evening, but it’s all worth the experience to me.

To those who may have been hesitant to try something new or believed that it may seem foolish to get creative, I say nothing is truly foolish if it brings you absolute joy and pleasure. So, with the internet at your beckon, and pencils at the ready the creative world can be your oyster if you so choose!


So create on my friends in this wonderfully joyful journey,