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My Wellness Commitment and Setting Intentions

An Important Note on Setting Intentions

Do you ever find yourself setting intentions and then finding it hard to follow through? Or perhaps you look back on a month or year of them and realize that while the one’s set for external commitments like connecting with friends or work deadlines are easily set and fulfilled when it comes to making your own internal commitments you struggle, in fact there always seems to be that one step in the process that keeps you back…. Well as I sat down and reflected on what I wanted this year to bring I realized it’s all well and good to set said intentions like “joy” or “better wellness” or “reconnection” but none of these words would mean much of anything without a plan or a place to start.

So, I thought to myself “Kylie, what’s one small thing you can do for yourself that will help towards better well-being” the main goal I am focusing on. The answer to this question came through walking. An activity I’ve always enjoyed doing, especially in Winter, as there’s nothing like breathing in the fresh crisp air that awakens the spirit and boosts the mood, but yet in the past I have seemed to struggle with really cementing it into my schedule. The intention and awareness that indeed physical exercise is good for you, but the follow through often lacked as other things have got in the way. Things that up until recently I realized was just one thing- and that’s as it turns out when it comes to setting intentions, no matter how big or small it is, you have to be intentional about doing it. It’s not just saying you will do it, and do it one time or once every so often but being clear about how, when and most importantly why you want to do it. For me, the why is that walking makes me feel better in that it increases my mood, over-all well-being and eases my anxiety. Then, once you’ve figured out those answers, it comes down to making that commitment to yourself, and yes, clearly penciling it into your schedule. Just like you would in making a commitment to chat with a friend (or meet up in regular times) only instead of with someone that someone is you.

I realize that it may seem silly at first, or selfish to do so, but trust me taking this extra step not only makes it harder to miss, but by taking the time to intentionally figure out how to make what you’ve set about doing work than it gets easier to do so. For me, this meant looking at my calendar and figuring out when it was not only possible, but best suited to plan my walks and  how far I wanted to go. From there, it has gotten easier, and now with each walk I am even more encouraged to go out knowing that already this healthy commitment to me is paying off.

So, I wish you the best of luck in your intention making and hope that this blogpost helps,

Yours truly: Kylie

Blog Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Feature Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash