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Before I Let You Go (By Kelly Rimmer)

The Book You Won’t Want to Put Down (Book Review)

Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer: What can I say about it, but oh my gosh! I wasn’t expecting such a heartfelt, heart-jarring or compelling read yet it landed on my to read list and I am glad it did because I just couldn’t put it down. Proof of this is that shortly after starting it, realizing it wasn’t possible to renew from the library I bought my own copy of the book only to finish the library book that same night. Regardless, it’s a great book and one that could see myself picking up again just to appreciate even more.

**Now, this is note: for those who look for something light-hearted, which is me at times too, you might want to check out some of my other book recommendations from the Fall, but for those who are looking for something compelling, that pulls at the heartstrings and makes you think…this one is for you!

About the Book;

At it’s core, Before I Let You Go explores the question of how far would you go to help the ones you love? Is there a point where it’s best just to cut them off? And what if that person is family, more specifically sisters? Does that change anything? In Kelly Rimmer’s book (Before I Let You Go) she explores this question by introducing us to the two main characters- sisters- who have been living equally different lives. The older sister, Lexie, lives with her fiancé and works at a medical clinic; and younger Annie has struggled with drugs most of her life and lives in unfavourable conditions. Their relationship is already strained by the hold of addiction when things get even more complicated and Lexie finds herself faced with an impossible choice as the pre-text title suggests. It’s a heart wrenching read that I finished in a matter of weeks, so drawn to how the author Kelly Rimmer wrote the relationship between sisters, delicately narrating each perspective in alternating chapters giving readers the opportunity to understand both sides of the story, and how addiction has complicated their relationship. It also looks at through the lens of addictive behaviours things like trust, believe, faith and family beyond sisters.

What I Liked About It:

As a reader I found myself drawn to the sister’s story, and relating to the protectiveness to that relationship- one I’ve felt from my own sister at times of struggle and made me appreciate those moments together, when I’ve struggled or been having a hard time. The bond of sisterhood is something I hold dear, and perhaps you could say is what drew me to reading this book, but as well through it I gained so much more: like an understanding of how addiction affects pregnancies, the tough choices anyone has to make and how those gripped by addiction are viewed by others who may not understand them. As a writer I could, as mentioned before, also appreciate how delicately and yet truthfully Kelly Rimmer wrote on the sensitive topic of addiction, as she really hit home how it’s a disease that can completely take over an individual, no matter how hard you try to change it. She didn’t sugar-coat nor did she portray it in a way that took away the human element of it in the one sister but wrote about the struggle and how hard it can be to get clean, even in the most important circumstances.

If you are looking for a read to understand any of these important themes than I highly  recommend this book to you.

Happy Reading Friends,


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