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My 2021 Approach to Choosing Joy!

My Marie Kondo Approach to the New Year

Hello All,

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s happening with the blog and why there hasn’t been much out there lately. Well… I’ve been trying to figure that out myself recently, after finally getting some time off to truly reflect on how things have gone and in between my Fall semester and Winter semester courses started I’ve been working on how I’d like to approach not only returning to the blog, but the New Year. As I edited this on December 31, 2021 is around the corner and as with many New Years I’m sure it’s been the perfect chance to look in deep within myself and take stock of what worked for me this year, and what didn’t in an attempt to Marie Kondo my way into the New Year. For those of you who are unaware- Marie Kondo is the method in which you look at everything for example in your closet and only keep the items that create the most joy while getting rid of the rest; only for myself instead of the closet it’s become a sort of mental declutter and reorganization in order to become truly clear on what those joyful things would mean to me.  

Now, there will be the obvious suspects such as balancing work and new semester courses to conquer, both of which at this point I have a better idea of what each look like and have been working on a healthier approach to doing both. Then I also thought beyond those suspects what to I want to allow back into my mental closet? Is there anything that I’ve put off doing or trying that brought me joy in the past– in this example things like writing (obviously) come to mind, creative lettering has always been an interest and of course reading. I love reading, and often think to myself “if only I had more time to read”. Well, it turns out that the best way to get that is to allow for more time to do that (or whatever you find yourself wishing to have more time to do). In the process of decluttering my mind I discovered in no coincidence that the theme of this upcoming year that chose me also goes along with Marie Kondo, and that’s choosing joy or doing things that help me feel more at ease with joy. One that occurred to me over one particularly good morning and has continued to evolve through long walks (another item on my joy list), journaling sessions and quiet moments when the structure around this approach has come into focus. So, while 2020 had it’s list of setbacks and who knows what of those 2021 may bring, I am looking gently into the New Year as a chance to practice my approach to choosing joy and very much hopeful that not only by setting these attentions out here and intentionally scheduling them into my days that 2021 will be a better year.

So, there you have it, my take on how things are progressing so far as I’ve worked through this process. One filled with still some answerable questions but my hope is that I can continue to find a way to share with you all my thoughts and experiences moving forward with even better clarity and inspiration.

Continue to stay safe my friends and here’s to (hopefully) a better New Year!


Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash