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Books to Fall Into This Season!

+ Initial Thoughts on Returning to Chapters (for the first time in…EVER!)

There’s no question that whenever your day starts with a trip to the bookstore it’s going to be a good day. No matter if the sun is shining, if it’s cloudy our or cool outside, for those of us who are bookish enough to brave the weather our days always get better when we venture out. As such was the case for me recently, after it being months of physically not getting out to the bookstore and running out of at home options to read on the shelf, I was desperate for some new picks to tide me over for the Fall reading season, and so like any brave soul these days ventured out to Chapters, and let me tell you it was euphoric.

After passing the initial social-distancing, sanitary experience, being in an actual store that I love brought me right back. I felt like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide, possibilities endless and open to some new interesting fall reads. I took in the sights amongst me, the familiar layout, the new or noteworthy books and finally headed to the desired section of “Fiction”. A far cry from where I would usually snoop in non-fiction, but lately this avid reader has been turning over to the fictious reads for an end of day or break time escape in an attempt to broaden her horizons and seems to be working. As this one stop brought in some pretty great results just in time to cozy up with a good blanket and cup of tea this fall.

So… without further ado here are my fall picks:

Read #1: Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. My understanding of this book is that it follows two best friends, who live different lives but somehow find a way to be connected. As such it’s theme is their irreplaceable bond over many years and how it brings them back together. I chose it for two reasons 1) A new fan of Kristin Hannah it’s premise intrigued me and 2) a book about friendship over the years reminded me of the friendship I have with my best friend that’s been equally long lasting. So, in a sense I hope to relate to it’s theme and be inspired by how this tale plays out.

Read #2: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (current finished read). Ah, another new author this particular season and a book (as it turns out) somewhat outside of my comfort zone, but hey it’s good to explore a little further every once in a while to see what’s other there. Regardless, I choose this read because of the mention of libraries, but as it turns out it’s not just about any library but one very special “Midnight Library”. This library, as it turns out, is located in between life and death, where time stands still precisely at midnight.  As well the books on its’ shelves are not really books so much as they are possibilities (or rather lives), as it’s theme asks the question “what would you do if you could chose a different direction or choice in life?” Deep, thought provoking, and a little eery this book is definitely setting the mood for the upcoming Halloween season.

Read #3: The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmers. On the back side of this book it reads “Fans of the Nightingale” and “Liliac Girls” will adore The Things We Cannot Say”. Equally set in the present moment with a Autistic boy unable to communicate and a past reminiscened of a love affair in a pre and during war torn Poland, the things we cannot say is already turning out to be an intriguing read, and brings double meaning to the title. As well from the cover of this book it reads that fans of the Nightingale, which I just recently started as well, will like it seems right up my ally so far and in keeping up with a positive and open mind hope that Kelly Rimmer will be another author to fall in love with. Already a fan of the Nightingale, I am anxious to read this one and hope that Kelly Rimmers will be another author to fall in love with. *Also, I’ll note that I just started this book so there may be future updates on it.*

There you have it. My top three fall reads. Comment down below what books you are looking to read this season and as always stay inquisitive friends: Kylie

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