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My Autistic Sensory Experience and Pressure

How Just the Right Pressure Helps My Nervous System

This may seem like a bit of an odd blogpost, but it’s one I’ve been sitting on (or more accurately) laying on for quite a while, so bare with me as I explain in true gold locks fashion why I prefer my touch and pressure to be firm and steady. We all have our preferences when it comes to the senses, some of us more than others might rely on those preferences that help us cope or feel comfortable in the world. Many of these have come through our style in the types of clothes we choose to wear, how we dress (layers vs minimal) and through childhood experiences, they can vary and grow depending on our experiences and the process it takes to get to know ourselves. One that I’ve determined is a normal part of figuring what feels right for us out, and as I am learning can be as individual as we are. One of those things that I’ve been working to figure out is why it seems that firm pressure and touch is something that feels good to me- whether that be my clothing, the way I am embraced or how I best sleep at night; both my nervous system and I do better when we are securely cocooned amongst blankets or firmly embraced in an giant hug. ** I want to take a second to note here (for any family that may be reading) that I am okay in quick hugs too, or whatever you are comfortable with showing we care for each other**

The Lightning Bolt Analogy:

This realization has me reflecting and realizing that it’s something I’ve not only craved from the world and sense of touch (as you can date back as far as Kindergarten and see pictures of me wearing tights) but in some scientific way I am sure this preference of mine actually helps me cope better at night. How? You might ask while reading through. Well, the best analogy to explain this odd phenomenon is that of a lightning rod or the ground in a thunderstorm. In that as the lightning strikes, it hits the ground dispersing the electric charge and neutralizing any energy- both negative or positive- on it’s way. The lightning rod in a similar way manages to circumvent the static charge of lightning in the sky from striking the house on it’s way down. This feeling of needing to disperse energy and feel more grounded is often how I feel at the end of especially busy days, and nights; desperate to disperse my own energetic energy to get a good night’s sleep. In which the sensation of the weighted blanket sandwiched between others allows me to feel that way and helps in the process, and better allows my nervous system to calm down for a better night’s sleep. It really is amazing to realize that this and like many of these insights I’ve come to recently, simply acknowledging that this sort of experience is one I prefer, not only helps me understand why something like the weighted blanket has made for a better night’s sleep, but has once more aided in a better understanding for self, and isn’t that what this exploration is all about. Anyways, stay curious friends and stay snug, Kylie Photo by Michał Mancewicz on Unsplash Feature Photo by Çağlar OSKAY on Unsplash