Household Independence and Laundry!

 (Almost) Having My Own Rachel Laundry Moment!

I must admit it’s taken me a while to see the draw of doing laundry, and eventually get around to it, but as my thirties arrived I started to realize that there’s more to aim for than just figuring out where to go next and working towards growing this blog. That more, happen to how… the question crept in it occurred to me it may be time to take on some of those fairly important life skills- like for instance doing laundry. It’s a secret chore that I’ve been doing behind the scenes of blog writing working and learning that in the long run I hope prepares me for getting out on my own and build on this important life skill, and now seems like a good as any time to practice.

Laundry, Empowerment and Friends!

Laundry that seven letter word that for many who have been doing it independently no longer holds the extra excitement about getting it done, and even I am willing to admit that FRIENDS episode glamourized in a sense by promising laundry with a kiss. Which, it didn’t exactly happen that way but what has is it helped me realize how empowering it can be to do something for oneself. As after my first load I couldn’t help but relate to how Rachel felt after doing hers for the first time. The excitement, empowerment and sense of accomplishment is definitely a real part of the experience, as is figuring out the timing, but knowing that I was learning to do something for myself has been enough to encourage me to continue to practice, even if it’s only once a week. It’s also helped me feel a little bit more independent while at home as I’ve contemplated what to do about my other goal of independently travelling more often in the future, which may be sidetracked for now.

Why now? You may ask amidst a pandemic, settling back into work and returning to online learning. Well, to that I answer why not now! As with many things sometimes there just may never be a right time to learn and to be honest I’ve been impressed with how I’ve been doing well with adjusting to everything else that I thought “why not try to add one more positive chore into my week to tackle” especially now. Where amongst the comforts of being home I can get experienced help and laundry support at my finger tips, ask questions and get clarification when the fear of turning whites into pinks is a lot less prevalent than if I were on my own. It’s also a good time to do it when there’s enough of us around to create a solid load to actually put in the wash and just so happen to be the time I haven’t yet talked myself out of trying. Most importantly, though, this and other skills are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preparing to go out on my own, but like anything it’s these small important steps and life skills that will (hopefully) give me the confidence to do these things on my own one day.

So, happy washing friends and feel free to share one chore that’s empowered you below!


Images in blog: Credit to Google, search laundry memes and Friends laundry scene

Feature image: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash