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You may have noticed over the last little while (which I guess is only really last week and maybe this week depending on how this blogpost goes) that I’ve been away from the blog, and don’t worry I am doing okay and it’s for good reason. You see, as of July I’ve been back at work and as the beginning of September back into my online learning Fall semester, what each of these two things meant is many things. One is that I no longer have the full days to focus on my school work or writing for the blog, what I really have is a bunch of half days and a few full days where I devote to a lot of school work and some household chores as part of my independence plan (which you may see later in a blogpost). It’s also meant (being back at work that is) an increased workload on that front, along with the wonderful opportunity to grow and develop important communication skills on a more regular basis in everyday opportunities. Do I recognize these as important skills to have? Absolutely, if I am planning on moving up into a new position someday (in the distant future), and if I am to show at work that I am a true team player. Have they been easy to work on and use? Well… judging by the way I feel after coming home from a morning of communicating, coordinating and working, that seems still too early to be determined and it’s actual this experience on top of the actual workload that’s pretty much worn me out.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am normally up for a challenge, but especially in the workplace communicating effectively has been something of an ongoing journey for me that continuously I strive to improve on as my own individual goal. Often in times where to everyone communication may be tricky with a mask but has meant not only communicating more clearly, but speaking over the mask which takes an additional effort in certain moments. So at times I’ll be coming home mentally spent from not only the work we did , but from the challenge of communicating through a mask. All that aside, I truly have been desperate to get back into a writing rhythm a) because I’ve missed this, talking to you guys through a blogpost and sharing my thoughts desperately, but also through personal reflection have realized it’s the one place where I am able to communicate clearly and that gives me confidence. It’s also as I wrote on my recent Instagram post the one thing that actual helps me feel confident, valued and inspired, so I hope in whatever way I can to make it a better priority in the little free time I have- whether that means getting up extra early to write like this or getting a good hour in on my days off, even to do some editing, or whatever it may be or look like because this right here is important to me. I’ve already recognized that several times over and now it’s time to truly put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and do what I can to make it that way.

So, thank you for your patience and continue to stay tuned because I hope to have some fresh ideas coming your way.

Yours truthfully,


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