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How I Am Proudly Learning to Follow My Path!

A Post on Following Your Path and Owning It!

We all have our paths in life, whether that’s leading to a career, job; part time, full time, or something we do on the side. There’s something and some direction suited for us all, sometimes it just takes a little searching and soul searching to figure out. My path came four years ago when I began working in a library, but didn’t realize it then nor could I ever have imagined that after leaving one library I would be returning a few years later to work in another, with an even stronger fascination and feeling of belonging… but sometimes that’s how these things work. We take a break, re-evaluate and find ourselves right where we are meant to be, and that’s how it happened for me. I was lucky in this way, that the first time my path chose me and then I allowed myself to choose it, with an even greater interest and acceptance that I had found the right place to do so. It also took me some time to realize, once I settled into this familiar environment that it would make sense for me to pursue an education in it and only a few courses in I found my fascination with this field of work, that started all those years ago, growing  that so far has grown my fascination with this field of work that started all those years ago just as a part-time job into what could be a future career path (and that my friends is exciting).

Stumbling upon this realization was huge, it was life changing for me in that I could picture myself happily and potentially moving up in the world of library while continuing to work and learn. As well I realized that upon settling on my direction, sharing the exciting updates and news, not everyone would find the library equally fascinating as I always have, and can recognize that “yes” it’s not the most dynamic or all that interesting field out there… but it has been for me and that’s what matters most. It’s been this very thought that’s helped me let go of the “not good enough” or “not interesting enough” fear that came with sharing what I do (more) with others and holding back on what I’ve really been up to just based on what they might think of it, but that point has come and I’ve decided as Rumi so eloquently put it to proudly and silently be drawn by the strong pull of WHAT I LOVE. Which is indeed, learning, reading and being amongst the books. It’s a world and workplace really where I personally can visualize possibilities, get lost in ideas and find inspiration. It also happens to be a place where as the old adage goes people may tend to judge it by it’s cover, but I know as someone whose peeked inside there’s a whole lot more going on inside than anyone might let on. Much of this insight has come from pursuing an education in library, one I hope will open doors in the future, keep me engaged with my work, has already helped grow my enthusiasm to the place I am working at it. Additionally, I found the moment I started to embrace that thought instead of denying my work as something uninteresting or not interesting enough based on what others might think it opened up the possibility for me to become excited about it and be more open to share what I am doing (in taking the courses). So, the lesson here is that it’s not always up to others to determine what’s important or how interesting or worthwhile what you are doing is, it’s up to you and once you give yourself that chance it opens up the possibility of so much more–including falling in love with what you do.

Stay curious and passionate my friends,

Library Lovin’ Yours,