Getting Used to Wearing a Mask and Adjusting…

As with many things getting used to wearing a mask has been an adjustment in itself, one that has become a part of the everyday going out routine like that of grabbing your car keys, purse, packing a snack for work, picking out your favourite outfit for the next day and triple checking, picking one’s masks before heading out has made it’s way into one of those work prep routines. One that includes learning how to properly put it on, figuring out what type of mask works best for you because there are many styles out there and most importantly learning how to breathe through it. It’s this experience of “how can I breathe through it?” while trying not to panic when I forgetting to breathe, that’s made wearing it a real learning curve and helped me really become mindful of those brief moments where I need to remember to breathe more, like when still concentrating on a task because let’s face it in the non-pandemic times holding my breathe happened in deep concentration anyways, but wearing a mask where big full breathes come in short supply, remembering to breathe comes in short supply and is all the more important.

The adjustment to wearing a mask, and learning how to breathe in it is something from talking with others, isn’t as uncommon as you would think and it seems something most can seem to agree on aside from the sensation of having a mask around our noses and mouths is as much if not more of an adjustment than anything else. It’s also why at the end of the day there’s this huge sense of relief to know that it’s finally, officially safe to take it off at the end of the day because nothing. Absolutely nothing. Beats the feeling of taking it off after wearing it for an extended period of time. It’s an experience I can best describe when asked (or just simply prompted) as taking off your ski mask at the lunch break skiing or end of the day; and same could be said as taking off your downhill ski boots at the end of a long day on the slopes. If you haven’t experienced either of these liberating experiences it’s like breathing in fresh, sweet air for the first time and feeling suddenly five pounds lighter. Yes, the relief is that sweet after taking off one’s mask, and that feeling of weight being lifted is that of mentally feeling lighter not feeling it around your face or having to worry about it being there. There’s just this huge relief and satisfaction of knowing you are simply free to just be and breathe. As an additional note, I will say that like any new adjustment with time and trust it has become easier to wear or perhaps while at work I don’t notice as much as time has gone by, but the relief and gratification of taking it off at the end of the day or shift is all the same, and as I mentioned before probably something we can all attest to in our own mask wearing experiences.

So whether you are working while wearing it, wearing it for a short or extended period of time or still getting used to it. I feel you and hope that your adjustment to this “new normal” routine is going well. Feel free to share your experiences below in the comment.

Stay sane and safe my friends,


Feature Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

Blog  Photo by Tonik on Unsplash