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Thoughts on Mask Wearing and a Brief Perspective

I will admit of all the many adjustments that happened over this four month period, wearing a mask more often has been one of less familiar or acclimatized experiences for me in this whole adjustment, not through an objection of the requirement as I am totally on board and understanding of the importance of wearing a mask when out in public because in the grand scheme of things it’s one small requirement (along with social distancing of course) in our lives compared to those in foreign or third world countries, particularly women, have to face everyday and have been doing for centuries as part of their oppressive society (but that’s another blogpost).

As for myself, it’s just that well…I haven’t gotten out a lot in public during this time, at all. The reason being is that there’s simply been no or little need to do anything like shop for food or run any sort of errands that actually get me out of the house. I’ve also been fortunate enough that the few times I have gone out wearing a mask, it hasn’t been any longer then 30 minutes (or so), for q quick trip to the store for change of pace and excuse to get out.  So, when looking at the prospect of wearing a mask becomes mandatory and will be a part of my work attire… well it’s a little concerning knowing that my experience with the mask has been limited, but that’s nothing that a little  practice to this adjustment can’t help, especially since I still have the opportunity to do so.

So How Are You Preparing? You might ask.

The Plan:

The plan, as it stands now, is to gradually get used to wearing the face mask around the house, longer than I have been as a way to adjust to the sensation of having it around my mouth more, so that by the time I really need to adjust to the experience I’m more comfortable with it as part of this new normal. The other reason it might be helpful to start this practice now is that as a quiet speaker I can imagine it will take a bit more extra effort to be heard and learn how to speak clearly through the masks, something from the beginning that’s crossed my mind but maybe it will be just the think to help me (finally) start enunciating what I want to say better from the beginning. From this stand point having been given the opportunity and time to practice it makes for a logical first step and good way to prepare, but as with things sometimes it takes a bit of extra personal encouragement and nudge to put into motion. There’s also the reminder, that as with many adjustments, the familiarity of it can also helps with the acceptance of this new reality, one that at moments still falls under the category of “hard to wrap one’s head around”. None the less as the old adage goes it comes down to mind over matter, in that a good way to get my mind over it is just to do it, because wearing masks not only to protect my own health but others matters most. So, wish me luck with this preparation and practice, as new normal continues to set in.

Until next time, stay safe and hang in there friends as we get through one adjustment at a time.



Feature Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash