Autism Insights, My Journey

Welcome to Life on the Spectrum! :)

Greetings friends and new readers,

I’ve noticed that over the last little while there’s been a number of you interested in checking out the blog, so I thought now is a good as time as any to do a “re-introductory” blogpost to catch you up to speed and formerly introduce the blog and myself. My name is Kylie, I am the blogger for Life on the Spectrum, and therefore yours truly. I was first and fortunate to be diagnosed as a child in public school under the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, which has since become and fallen under the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, although it wasn’t really until my early adulthood- think late teens and early twenties- where I began my own journey of self-acceptance. It was during this time I was encouraged to see my unique way of experiencing the world as a positive strength rather than a hinderance, and could really began to embrace my journey as an Autistic young woman. Whereby  bit by bit I’ve sought to gain an understanding of what life on the spectrum is like for me as an Autistic individual and as it’s come to be now, more recently, share it on the blog. In what I consider lovingly my corner and place on the Internet to continue to embrace my journey on the Autistic Spectrum (now as an adult), to share the insights I’ve learned along the way, the experiences and lessons that have helped me embrace the journey not only as an Autistic blogger but individual, with others (along with a few other things.) So, I am honoured that on your way through scrolling the many other blogs and things out there you decided to stop by here and check it out.

The Blog’s History:

Officially I started this blog back in the Fall of 2017, in need of a restart and reset as a blogger, who up until that point had been blogging anonymously behind a pen name, not quite yet ready to embrace to the world wide web, fully as my Autistic self publicly. As with many things, that blog ran it’s course and it was only a matter of time before I decided that it was time to share these insights more openly, more honestly and authentically here on the wonderful Life on the Spectrum. It’s been an absolutely freeing, terrifying (at first) but liberating journey that I don’t regret in the least because writing from this place of truthfulness and authenticity is something I strive for in writing and living, it’s connected me to a community I might not have found and offered me the space to embrace my own journey. One that through those connections as well allowed me to learn from, collaborate with other advocates and bloggers through social media in videos, one guest blogpost, a profile and part of a large network of blog collaborators-  and all because this wonderful, accepting and authentic space came to be mine over the Internet.

All and all Life on the Spectrum, is one of my proudest accomplishments because it’s something I have been building it from the ground up and it’s already grown so much.  It’s also helped me grow into my role as an Autistic advocate, something at times that can be daunting, but is a role I too am becoming comfortable in and proud to have because of the blog. Lastly, it gives me a great sense of purpose to share with you, because like I always believed knowledge is power and why not take this wonderful platform to pass on what I know to you, and continue to build the understanding one blogpost at a time. So, truly thank-you for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the Internet.

Yours Truly,


Feature Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash