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Dusting Off My Academic Prowess!

Greetings friends,

I thought it might be a good time to pop on here and tell you more what I’ve been up to this last little while and has taken on some interesting challenges on my plate.

One of them being the introduction to online learning again. Now, I mentioned this experience briefly in a post before titled “You are Never too Young to Learn Online“, and still stand by that title; as I whole heartedly believe that you are never too young or too old to learn. Just take it from me, nearly thirty, my third time pursuing an academic program and far from wrapping up my online courses experiences, I once more have entered in the swing of things academically in not one but two courses. Yikes and yay! Yikes because it’s been a while since I’ve really done anything quite so formal, but yay in that this is a good, well thought out step forward I am proud to be pursuing towards my future. It also happens to be one that has me feeling that I am entering in this new stage of my life- one that when I reflect on it, we’ll call settling down, but that’s something to speak on more later. For now, just know that as you may have noticed means sparse or sporadic blogposts, but fear not I am still here thinking of the blog and all of you, and brainstorming when I can what new ideas might come to mind throughout this new experience I’ve embarked on. So to start on this possible occasion posts here’s one on what’s it’s been like so far.

What It’s Been Like So Far:

For starters, it’s been exciting to take myself on this experience once more and in a few good ways. One is that during this time of still staying inside and staying home it’s given me something to do to keep busy in that I find myself during the week deep in my studies reading, doing exercises and occasionally assignments for the aforementioned two courses. Diligently keeping up with these courses during the week is what consumes most of my focus, but in a good way so that when the weekend comes I can still enjoy it. Which, sometimes it works out and I am able to take it off as in this case, while other times there’s a few loose ends to tie up and some extra work to finish up but I don’t mind.

It’s also meant dusting off a few of my shelved study skills like figuring out how to write an academic paper; balancing taking two courses, which in turn as prompted me to buy one of those weekly and hourly planners; and realize that sometimes our goals can fit into different categories and take up different importance depending on where we are at in pursuing them. For instance: there’s what’s important to me now- these courses; what will always be important to me, but that I may not always get around to- the blog; and what I want to aim towards- moving into a career that helps me feel settled and satisfied in my place of work. These are all goals I’ve had on my mind at one point or another, and the most recent goal involves a lot of studying, assignment writing and course work, which is okay because in looking at how I’m pursuing my goals and the purpose of each has really helped me come to understand navigating this new experience in a way that makes sense for me, and in the very least a little less guilty for not always getting around to pursuing or working on the other two, because I know the time spent on this one (the courses) isn’t at all wasted time. So, I thank-you for sticking around as I settle myself into a new routine and figure out what each week looks like online so that I am able to fit in what I need to do and when it works out share here the insights that come from this experience and others. I’d also like to thank you for your continued support, hope you continue to follow along and until next time.

Keep learning friends,



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