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Is That What I Really Look Like on Camera?

My Thoughts on Keeping Connected Through Zoom (and Other Video Chatting Platforms)

Well, here we are. I hope everyone’s been finding ways to stay connected during this time, for there’s certainly lots of options to keep in touch during this time that can help you do so. Everything from emails, texts, calls and probably one of the most popular platforms during this time Zoom. Which, if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s an online video-chatting platform that allows you to create “meetings” either one on one; or with a group of people say your nearest and dearest friends that you’ve missed greatly. 

Over the last little while, I myself have been experimenting and getting acquainted with this wonderful way to stay connected and have found that it comes pretty close to meeting with each other in person, so close in fact that not only can you see whoever you are chatting with, but yourself as well on a small square at the top right hand corner of the screen. For those of us who are more subconscious about our ways or body language seeing how we may come across to others, on camera for.the.first.time. may be a bit of an eye-opening experience. It might take us aback as we think to ourselves “is this what I look like when I talk” or when we thought to have at least tamed the beast above our heads… but then there’s that one stray hair “is this how my hair looks like (after months of not getting it cut), or worse yet “oh dear I should have put make-up on that zit” comes to mind.  Talk about true self awareness.

Fear not friends, with some more practice it does become a little easier to see oneself on camera, and a little less alarmingly noticeable. Eventually, midway through the conversation, you’ll reach that sweet spot of finding yourself simply delighted to be connecting with your nearest and dearest friends; outside of your household about the latest social distancing antics and stay at home life; or may be relieved to discover that from the start this friend- whether online or offline in real life- has probably come to accept all your little quirks before you’ve been granted this wonderfully unique opportunity to notice them yourself via video chatting.

So, I say to all the video-chatters out there “chat on my friends and embrace this new way of connecting and sharing in each other’s awkward moments” because what matters most not only during this time, but at any time is our connections to each other. As well to my own fellow chatters, I would like to a add thank you for being on board and helping me to embrace this new version of connecting and inspiring this blogpost.

Stay Connected,  and Virtually Chat On my Friends,




Feature Photo by visuals on Unsplash