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Dear Hair Dresser… I Miss You!

My Thoughts on HAVING to Grow It Out and Waiting to Get it Cut!

Ahh… what can I say other than “argghhh”, argh! To the fact that it’s been months (but to me seems like forever) since I’ve been to get myself the hair salon and things are getting pretty hairy over here for this thick haired girl. As my hair has decided not only to grow longer, but thicker by the day, which “yes, it’s nice to have thick hair” in fact I get compliments like that all the time, but when you aren’t able to go to the hairdresser as regularly scheduled it’s a whole lot more hair to manage and tame. It’s maintenance has also consisted of better upper arm workouts, longer styling time and one hair strengthener; which thankfully I am still in possession of. Rest assured that I get that we are all desperate to shed those extra layers of hair and weight off our shoulders for the Spring and Summer months, but for me it’s not just necessarily a style or maintenance thing, but a sensory experience too. In that over the years, many hair styles and lengths what has felt best as my go-to-style is sleek, short, layered (really well) and shaved at the back. I chose this style not only because it has been easy to keep up, but because it’s felt good to have things light around the back of my head and feel the wind against my neck. It’s a style that rarely any definite outgrowing process- such as now- has been and when there has it hasn’t been long until my return of the hair salon has been scheduled. Now it seems, without that option, that day by day it is getting out of control and driving me crazy, not just in thickness or length, but in how it feels particularly around the back of my neck. It’s a feeling best described as that of an itchy, tricky tag might be rubbing up against my neck, constantly nagging me that it’s there. Did I also mention that this particular section is too far back for me to properly hair dry or straighten and therefore (dare I might add) left to it’s own devices. So, with that in mind, I am doing my best to avoid my own scissors at all costs, to resist the urge to call up the hair dressers prematurely and trying really, really hard to embrace my stay-at-home style thanks to the inventions of bobby pins and revelled hair straighten (but doesn’t always go so well).
What about yourselves? How are you managing your grown out manes lately? Feel free to share below. Kylie