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Learning to Sweep My Inner Garden

 Question: How’s Your Inner Garden Growing?

Hello there, we have all hopefully made it through March healthy, safely and relatively unscathed. If not well then here’s hoping that the rest of Spring is better.

When I first sat down to write this my “blog break” had just begun, and I was anticipating a busy March full of extra shifts and course work to complete. It was also before the “social distancing” came into effect, and like many of you I was placed with extra time on my hands, to do something with… and so why not I thought start up the blog earlier. However, regardless of this timing I still have experienced a creative difference (if not more so in the last while), and believe that this message is an important one to share, on tending to one’s own gardenS of needs. It’s a concept cultivated from Rolf Gates book titled “Meditations On Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Compassion” where he sites that there often needs to be a balance between tending for our outer gardens (meaning the work/practices we do for others) and our inner gardens (the practices we do for ourselves).

How to Tend to Your Inner Garden (and What It Means)

As an advocate and blogger my outer garden is the blog where I share my experiences, insights and resources to help others understand what life is like on the spectrum, but it’s been my inner garden that’s needed some tending to. Those weeds were growing far too deep that I couldn’t cut through them and lost sight of why I enjoyed writing here on the blog in the first place that I knew it was absolutely the right decision to step back and give myself a break. The weedy process or over-grown inner garden is one that many would more commonly recognize as being burnout or creatively drained, and when you are there happens when we find ourselves sharing or giving too much without giving back what we need to do from a healthy and more well-meaning place. From experience, without this opportunity it often feels like hitting a brick wall, and what once may have been enjoyable becomes less so, or is much harder to work from an inspired place.  

In order to get back to this place myself, I turned inward and reflected on the one thing that’s always felt like my inner gardening practice…and that’s journaling. There’s just something about having a space just for me to explore my thoughts that not only keeps myself healthy, but by allowing me to explore what I need to personally about the topic or experience, before bringing what’s most valuable to the blog, it keeps the blog healthy too. So, I got my hands dirty *figuratively speaking* and began digging the weeds that were taking up my creative space to unearth some pretty valuable insights, such as this, to share on the blog and be reminded why I enjoy this practice in the first place.

So, my question to anyone tending to their outer gardens is this: What’s one way you can practice sweeping your inner garden? 

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