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Could My Cat Have Asperger’s Syndrome?

Also My Theory Why Cats Could Be on the Autistic Spectrum:

Yes, allow me to ask it officially… what we do if we didn’t have our furry family members to entertain, comfort us, demand to be fed and keep us busy? I know without my dear Bosco (a black cat who rules the roost in terms of pets in the house) life would be more lonely and less entertaining for sure. From the moment I met him, a wee kitten no more than a few months old, it just seems like we were meant to be in each others lives. There’s no arguing this fact, or that now years later we get each other on a cat-human level like no other. If you’ve found yourself suddenly a new pet owner with four eyes and fur, you know the feeling when you realize that the right animal companion has fallen into your life at just the right time, and they become in a way life family or that friend you never had growing up.

The Resemblance is Un-Catty:


Cats in particular are an interesting animal companion ranging on the anti-social side of things compared to their approval seeking counterparts (dogs) who are far more socially dependent on others.  Cats also generally don’t ask for much other than that you feed them, clean their litter box and occasionally, if you are both in the mood love and affection. My cat is predictable in this way that he doesn’t ask for much and other than those odd times where he has sudden bursts of energy and runs around the house), the rest he pretty much sticks to a routine and lets us know that he’d rather not stray from it. Not just that but is one who prefers limited company from others, and gets overwhelmed if there’s too much going on. He also appreciates his solitude as well. Does any of the above sound at all familiar? Well, if you are listening closely perhaps this observation sounds a little like my preferred way of navigating life in that I am much the same way. I too prefer predictability over spontaneity, can get shaken up by changes or unexpected events in my day, like to stick to a schedule and seek out company when in need but also enjoy time to myself to recharge. All this considered it’s no wonder as human and cat we get along so well when so many of his personalities traits and preferences sound a lot like some of my Autistic ways and introverted preferences. It’s like he was simply meant to be, and shows that if there ever an animal suited for my way of being it would be cat, and I’m lucky to have an easy-going one to call my own. So, to honour how grateful I am to have such a relatable and easy going furry companion I lovingly refer to him at times as my “pet soulmate”, because there’s really no other way to describe the bond we have or how we get each other in such an incredible and understanding way.   Question: What traits or similarities do you and your furry companions have (if you are a pet owner), or what type of pet do you think would suit you best?   Cool as a Cat, Kylie