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A Blogpost on What Staying In Means From the Introverted Perspective

Greetings friends,

We’re in quite the predicament aren’t we. Bound to our houses and all with no option to go out, other than the sometimes very necessary walk for exercise, change of scenery and to clear our heads. It seems like now the table has turned on the situation as the introverted vs extroverted memes over the Internet come out in full force showing how ,due to this very serious circumstance the world is in, that as a friend of mine said we are all having to “embrace the introverted way”.  A way of quiet nights inside, limited in person social interactions and lots of reading or binge watching Netflix. 

For those who are more naturally introverted, this probably isnt’ that much different from our regular lives of quiet solitude, close friends (whom we see on occasion), and time inside recharging from social interaction outside of the comfort of our homes. In fact, it may be quite the relief to finally realize that our way is the suggested way. No one’s arguing staying in or pressing us to go out, if anything everything is leaning towards the other direction, in a no choice kind of way. It’s our time to get some at home projects done, recharge our batteries to 100% in preparation for the real world interaction when everything starts up again, catch-up on our to be read piles that await the bedside table or Netflix queues we’ve had lined up as we all embrace the joy of staying in.

As for myself, I lie somewhere in between being pleased that I have full days to catch-up on writing, reading and learning; which I won’t normally have; and realizing that for a self-proclaimed introvert sometimes I too enjoy the actual in person company of the select few that I’ve become friends with, the experience of getting out and being part of a work community. For now, like many of you may be experiencing, my community exists of family members who are stuck with me indoors, a cat who isn’t quite sure about this predicament and my colourfully spined friends (a whole stack of them) (see photo above) neatly arranged on my nightstand, in true Introverted and bookish fashion, waiting to be read waiting to be read and recorded for my yearly reading goal.

So until next time friends, continue to stay safe, sane and entertained,

Contently (at the moment) Yours,