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Blogger going on March Break

Greetings Readers,

As you may have seen on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I’ve decided after doing some deep thinking and reflecting that it’s time to take a break from blogging for the month of March. Now, this decision somewhat didn’t come easy for me, but I know that after reflecting on how things have been going so far- blog wise- that it’s a good one to make.

The reasons being is that it’s been a while I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to post to the blog or finish any particular piece on time for the following week, which for anyone who does blog it’s a lot of work, effort and sometimes pressure. Most of the time this pressure is good, it keeps me motivating and creating, but lately trying to write for the blog has felt like a bit of a chore and that’s not the place you want to be creating from.

A part of this I’ve recognized is that like we all may be feeling during the Wintertime is the Winter blahs. You know the ones that make you just want to hibernate until things brighten up, well for me they kind of made creating feel like hitting a brick wall in that every time I’d try to put a thought together it was hard to focus or find the motivation to finish it. I literally have a notebook now filled with half-written pieces that have yet been deemed good enough to put out there.

Another is that I have been feeling like it’s time to do some self-care and cultivate my own inner practice in the form of journaling, so that I can come back to blog with a clearer head and clarity about how to continue to share having taken care of my own thoughts.

March is also going to be a little bit more of a busier month for me, and having recognized that could already feel the anxiety around it’s schedule change creep up on me, and came to the conclusion that this break will allow me to more easily find a way through without getting totally stressed or overwhelmed by everything.

What does this mean for the blog schedule?

Well, at the moment that’s not entirely clear. It could mean posting every other week instead of every week, or every few depending on how I feel week to week. It could be sporadic in that when a particular idea hits me and I’m inspired to write I’ll share it. Ultimately, what I am hoping this break means is that I can come back to blogging recharged, re-inspired and with a clearer head ready to share with you all from a well-rested place. Until then I would like to whole-heartedly thank everyone for following along, continuing to support the blog and understanding. I am grateful for it all, and hope to reconnect with you after this much needed break.

Appreciatively Yours,