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Bring It On Winter! I’m Going for a Walk.

Getting Over Cabin Fever…

Do you ever get the sense that you just need to get up and move? Like staying still for too long would only leave you feeling more antsy than before?

For me this antsy, fidgety feelings really starts to set in the Wintertime,  just as it’s getting colder out and the snow is starting to fall I began to wonder if I have the courage to get out more in the months to come or will stay in like everybody else. It’s a feeling that I’ve often felt and have come to understand that during this season there’s also a lot going on against us that can make having that motivation to get out hard, with things like coping with the cold, less natural or bright light, a time change and for myself the claustrophobic feeling of being stuck inside, when there’s no where to go. All of which can add to the indoor anxiety and angst, but this Winter I’ve decided not to let it and have realized there’s only one thing that’s been proven to effectively work… and that’s to plan a snowy walk outside.

The Insights a Winter Walk Can Bring:

It’s one of those simple steps towards better well-being that just makes you feel good doing it and doesn’t take a whole lot of extra effort. All it really requires is a little extra effort in bundling up, the willingness to step outside your door and embrace the refreshing Winter air that greets you upon stepping forth. I know for me being brave enough to walk these days is one of the things that has helped me feel tremendously better, especially when I’ve been dwelling on something or feel myself get into a negative mindset then getting on my hat, mitts, winter coat (etc.) and going for a walk is the exact thing to redirect that thinking and help me productively adjust my mindset. 

Which in the process I discovered that outside the house there just seems to be less distractions, and more open space to think things through without thoughts like “I wonder what everyone else is doing?” Or “I should really be writing” that often stop me from getting clear on a problem or dilemma that may be nagging my mind. Instead I find that because I’ve been willing to head out, when others might be more inclined to stay in, I am rewarded with the opportunity to deeply reflect on how I am feeling at the moment, and use the peacefulness to allow my thoughts to gather in a more organized way amidst the stillness of nature.

It’s a peace of mind like no other walking experiences that continually encourages me to get out there, the more willing I’ve become to get out and walk.  It’s also has become a welcome part of my Winter well-being experience that’s both good for me mentally in that I’ve been able to focus more clearly once home, and physically in that not only have I gotten to exercise, feel more relaxed after being out and enjoy a good cup of tea and book to read as by the fireplace as bonus rewards for braving the cold.

So, what do you say? Can you don those Winter boats and put on your toque to brave the cold, and see where your walk takes you?

Bravely Yours,







Feature Photo by Ilya Orehov on Unsplash