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Don’t Forget to Breathe This Holiday Season

Your Pre-Holiday Blogpost Reminder (Hopefully Not too Late)

Seasons Greeting friends,

The holiday season quickly approaching us and has seemed to bring with it the to be expected panic that comes with trying to get everything done on time. One that’s created a definite shift in the amidst you can almost sense being out yourself as the countdown to the big day has drawn near, and everyone’s panic continues to ramp-up. It’s an experience this particularly intuitive shopper has picked up on from being out and has me wondering “how we’re supposed to enjoy this wonderful season if we are simply rushing through it?

Of course, I understand that a part of the pre-Christmas experience is frantically trying to fit in what we need to amidst our everyday schedules… and that can be stressful, but there’s no rule to say that in that time there’s not the opportunity to enjoy ourselves this holiday season, especially before diving right back into things in the New Year.

The question then remains and you may be asking is… how? How to enjoy this so-called “wonderful holiday season” and still finish what I need to do? 

Well one particularly helpful, and yet obvious, way is remembering to breathe throughout the holiday season in order to not to get totally flustered and appreciate it. Which may seem obvious, but I also know during the holiday season as we are all trying to manage navigating the shopping malls and crowds that one’s often holding their breathe just to get through. At least this is the case for me, the already anxious shopper (and planner), who tries to becomes uber efficient at navigating the pre-holiday to dos, especially around shopping. Sometimes, though navigating the scene it can be good to take that extra second to pause and regroup before carrying on, or simply recollect yourself from the flurry of activity that the in stores chaos brings.  

It can also mean giving ourselves the proper opportunity to enjoy the season’s comforts like carving out time to read a good holiday novel, as yours truly is enjoying, in a cozy spot or indulging in a good cup of tea at the end of a long shopping day as a way to unwind and reward yourself for braving the growing crowds. A few other holiday wonders that have come to mind are putting on some Christmas music while wrapping (if you aren’t sick of it), and queuing up a wonderful holiday/festive film on chilly nights. Whatever it may be for you, it doesn’t have to be complicated just so long as it reminds you to stop and take in what this season has to offer and/or allows you to enjoy a mini moment to charge up before the big day.

So cue up those holiday movies, and festive tunes, put on the kettle and settle into enjoying a few moments for yourself.

Festively Yours,


Blog Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

Feature Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash