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Exploring the Benefits of a 9Senses Weighted Blanket

A Long Overdue Product Review

Good morning friends, for this week’s bonus blogpost I am sharing my thoughts on an excellent and favourite new product of mine “the weighted blanket” from 9Senses. P.S. If you haven’t heard of weighted blankets or their benefits, then there is plenty of information out there to help inform you, but I take pride in that mine’s custom made from from a Canadian, relatively local company from Maple, Ontario known as 9Senses and

Initial Impressions:

After hearing different reviews and exploring how a weighted blanket could help me, my need to have one was simple: I was looking for something to help me decompress after working and unwind after being out, which are the two times I feel more overstimulated. Luckily, my search to explore this product in person wasn’t far and came through attending a local Etsy fair in my town, where I met Mila the creator of 9Senses.

Talking with her I was able to learn how weighted blankets are not just a great benefit for Autistic individuals like myself, dealing with anxiety, but can help anyone facing any sort of anxiety, sensory issues, or in need of additional nervous system support. So, I was really convinced that ordering one for myself would help me with my own anxiety and stress.

Ordering Experience and Experiencing the Benefits:

What I appreciated most about ordering and browsing through her website is that its’ pretty customizable in that there’s the choice to select specified weights like I did with the 6lb couch blanket, but as well if you are looking for the full body blanket, then she’ll design it’s weight based on your own. Another customizable option was the fabric choice, as you could mix and match fabrics from different blankets. For example: I chose the White Doddle Rose from the Youth section for my 6lb couch one, which goes well with my bedroom decor.

 What I Love About Mine and It’s Benefits:

When it arrived I was quite eager to try it out, and test out its’ relaxing qualities, which almost immediately after wrapping it around my shoulders I could feel the difference the slight six pound pressure had in helping me feel more grounded compared to the lighter touch often felt cuddling with a regular blanket. It’s firm and gentle pressure also has encouraged me when tucked in tightly to take a deep breathe and release any tenseness I might be holding like a good firm hug would.

A few of my favourite ways to use it are curled up with a good book by the fire, relaxing in bed with a good book, and a part of my bedtime blanket routine.

Over-all my 9Senses weighted couch blanket has exceeded my expectations as not only does it a wonderful job of helping me cope after stressful days, but has allowed me to experience a more calmer, restful and settled nights sleep by incorporating it into my bedtime blanket routine that I look forward to curling up with.

Final Say:

So, for sure I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to help them decompress, cope with overstimulation, anxiety or general in search of a better night’s sleep.

Calmly Yours,