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Learning Flexibility (Literally) Through Yoga

Part 2- Goal Setting in the Process (as well)

Well, it seems it’s been a while since I gave an update on how my practice is doing, but I wanted to give myself the chance to settle into the practice before sharing. However, now a few classes in I’ve come to understand that while I am not quite a yoga master yet (in fact far from it) I can share that like any practice in the beginning it’s been very much been a true work in progress. Full of ungraceful tree or mountain poses, depending on your landscape preferences, and half awkward lunges and plenty of uncoordinated missteps along the way. All of which has helped me realize that the more I’ve gone or go, the easier it has been to feel comfortable doing these poses, and that in fact the old proverbial saying is right… practice can make perfect, but it can also make progress and that’s good enough for me.

It’s a progress that’s helped me discover how yoga truly can be a beneficial exercise to me in growing my own spatial awareness and flexibility, which is a great concern of mine in the future. How have I discovered this? You may ask. Well, by being open to each pose as it’s introduced, and taking note of how well I do with each transition as it comes- at my own pace, stretching in ways I feel comfortable and realizing that through the very movements themselves there are things I’d like to improve upon going forward. Essentially, as it with any thing it’s being open to the growth and awareness that comes from experiencing each class.

Practice Makes Progress:

For instance, there’s already a difference in how each pose has become familiar and comfortable to me, especially the ones like sun salutations or that call for balance that within first attempts can seem quite intimidating.  As well as an ease that comes with having to think less about how exactly to do it so that I may enjoy the transition even more so. Which in turn has opened me up to stretch a little further, try different modifications and keep building on my own flexibility through these small incremental improvements in order to make the most of this practice.

Now, there still is a ways to go and quite likely more to learn, but one thing is for certain that beyond just improving my flexibility through stretches, or balancing poses each class has given me the opportunity to really narrow down what I want to get most from my practice and how to become better aware of myself in space such as discovering where my foot should go vs where it actually is. It is both encouraging to know that yoga can help me with this dilemma and has me going back when I can, eager to create new goals for myself, explore further and stay open to practicing over-all.

So, friends this is where I am at in my own practice, still open to learning, doing my best, keeping my balance, remembering to breathe through it and ultimately learning to be patient in the process as I continue to build on it and attend classes.

Flexibily Yours,


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Blog Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash