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When Self-Discipline and Motivation Becomes Tricky

Insights to Help Inspire One’s Momentum Again:

We’ve all been there, stuck, less motivated and out of our favourite routine’s rhythm… struggling with the self-discipline to get back on track and regain that momentum. As a self-disciplined blogger I know all too well the importance of self-discipline and motivation when it comes to continually building up a routine (for instance like blogging). I also know from first hand experience that it’s one of those skills that if you don’t consistently work at maintaining a good momentum then regaining that often feels like trying to push a heavy boulder up a hill sometimes in that the second you get off course it takes twice the effort to get back into it.

It’s why I have been doing the little I can to keep writing, keep brainstorming and trying to post on time because I’ve taken those breaks and know that at the end they often mean working a little harder to regain that precious rhythm. To me the hard work is also worth it because the work/my work as a blogger is important to me, in fact it’s one of the biggest motivating factors that keeps me writing and when things seem extra tricky or I’ve had to work a little harder at keeping up with things this very thought keeps me going through it. It’s why every month the goal for me is to keep rededicating myself to the blog because it’s rhythm is what keeps me moving forward, feeling productive and is valuable. For without it I struggle to find value and make the most of my time.

As with anything worth pursuing I can also recognize that there will always be obstacles to the goal, things like TV or screen time that pose a particular challenge, road blocks that get in the way like an unexpected concern or a busy work day where I simply just want to curl up with a good show after a full shift of working. Which is perfectly okay too, in that sometimes all we can or feel like doing is retreating or recharging; especially if there’s a lot going on. The key has been with many valuable insights is that sometimes simply recognizing them as the things that get in the way is a great first step in redirecting myself to get back on track and do my best to get something done.

So, I offer you this advice: If you’ve struggled to get back on track you are not alone, and perhaps using my example first think of what may be getting in your way and then as with many things just keep trying, even if it’s just one small step in the right direction that step can help boost your momentum again.

So Determinedly Yours,



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