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Why Reaching Out for Help is Really Okay

And How Therapy Has Helped Me!

As we get older, it seems that life gets busier, full of new responsibilities, commitments and experiences that while add wonderful meaning to our adult lives can mean juggling much more than what we thought we could take on, figuring out new ways to navigate it all and adjusting on how we are able to manage. As one such individual, I too have been trying to figure out this stage for myself and have come to appreciate not only how lucky I am for these experiences, but how having the right tools like therapy has helped me better cope with each new wonderfully exciting transition in my life.

Therapy for me came on a time in my journey where I was really struggling to deal with what was going on, and often found myself reverting back to old habits simply because I didn’t know how to cope any better and didn’t have the proper tools to help myself work through things on my own. Agreeing to go to therapy was also a big step for me in that it meant setting aside my own pride in trying to figure everything out and instead asking for help from someone who could truly help me make sense of why I struggled so much.  It also took courage to say “Okay. Things haven’t been getting easier and they might not unless I reach out for help.” Just saying this was huge, but 100% worth the effort for my mental well-being.

How It’s Helped Me:

Over time, some patience and the encouragement of family I have come to like therapy and see it as a wonderful tool and experience to navigate life. When life seems overwhelming or something new comes up, it’s a source of support that helps me through, but now I also have come to understand that it’s a wonderful way to also check in biweekly, get ahead of some concerns and keep good tabs on my mental well-being over-all, so that when something comes up I’m better prepared for it.

Most importantly, it’s shifted how I’ve come to understand the experience, which was initially weakness, failure and struggle; to one of appreciation, strength (more than you can imagine) and an acceptance that’s it’s okay to seek guidance, in fact it’s healthy and a great comfort to know that I no longer need to figure everything out on my own, there’s my therapist and together we can explore whatever may be going on so that I can better understand the situation in general.

So, yeah! I have genuinely enjoyed going to therapy and even look forward to my bi-weekly appointments because it’s my time to work through what I need to do in a safe space and time dedicated just to me and has allowed me to dig deeper into what may have been holding me back and continue to improve on my mental well-being with an even more resilient spirit.


So until next time, take care and as Always Stay You-nique