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A Minority of Joy… Well Worth Reading

A Book Review About a Great #Actually Autistic Read

A Note on How This Book Found Me:

Sometimes, you find yourself stumbling into books that just catch your eye and other times they seem to stumble into you, wonderfully, unexpectedly you’ve found them reaching your book case. As has been the case for “A Minority of Joy” by S.L. Warnock, as one afternoon the author happened to reach out to me after seeing my post on summer reading and ask if I would help promote her book. Being an aspiring author myself and thinking one day that it might be looking to get people interested in what I wrote I said “of course I would help a few author out” and ended up in the process checking out the book for myself and now reviewing here on the blog.

About the Book: 

A recently published new book by author S.L. Warnock “A Minority Joy” is about a young Autistic girl named Joy and her journey to find her place in the world, a place where she seeks to be understood, find belonging and better understand herself because, like myself, Joy is Autistic which adds to her challenge in trying to understand the world around her as she sets further on her own journey full of new experiences, characters and insights that make it not just a physical journey but an interpersonal one as well.

How This Autistic Reader Related and Appealing to My Inner Writer:

From the beginning I found myself strongly relating the character of Joy and rooting for her at times, not just because she’s a deep thinker, or inquisitive about the way things are but because ,like myself, Joy is Autistic and in this way at times she feels alone in the way that she navigates the world. It’s a feeling I could relate to growing up myself, like no one would understand me and what made sense to others perplexed me. In this way, I’ve been able in reading this book to reflect on my own experiences compassionately and understand what Joy is going through at times, and feel that we can all relate to the story and characters because who at some point hasn’t felt alone or searched to find the belonging we all crave from others.

I was also impressed with how the author is able to use the art of description both for the characters outer landscape and inner landscape to paint a picture of what Joy is experiencing as S.L. Warnock with a depth to her story-telling ability takes us along on Joy’s journey to find herself that had me carefully reading along picking up the hidden insights that ultimately helps Joy grow and understand belonging. In this way, it truly has been like nothing I’ve read before but glad to have given it a chance because like many books I’ve found myself learning from the author’s unique style and approach to story-telling.

Examples of Great Insights:

“Yes, well we do get stuck in the dark sometimes. We just have to realize that light can shine upon any pane.” (pg. 149)

“For maybe this whole journey was not about reaching a destination, but stops along the way.” (pg. 155)

Extra note: As mentioned A Minority of Joy is a different read full of insight and depth so be mindful as you read this truly thoughtful authentically Autistic fiction and give it a good chance.

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