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Why JOMO is my new FOMO

(And discovering the idea of Self-Dates)

It’s a quiet afternoon I am writing this blogpost there’s no immediate plans, I have no where to go, or people to meet and I am enjoying this time to myself knowing it’s exactly what I need. In fact, spending time with myself often feels like a kind of paradise to me one that’s free of pressing commitments or work In which I am afforded the chance to take a deep breath and settle right into the “joy of missing out” mode.

Now, I’m not saying that every opportunity you should choose to sit out or that JOMO is always best, but sometimes when life’s gotten too hectic or my week has already been pretty full JOMO is exactly what I need to recuperate from everything that’s gone on, in a comfortable space.  A space that if everything is set right and I set the time aside for myself it doesn’t feel like missing out at all, in fact if anything it feels like being able to finally go on a date with myself, one we’ve been putting off for a while due to other life distractions and just now are finally getting around to within the comforts of my home.

What My Self-Date Looks Like:

A date where sometimes I can peacefully allow my mind to wander, to take stock of everything that’s happened and come to appreciate the good, or reflect on what’s up ahead and get clear on how I want to approach it. It’s also a space that I can truly experience the quiet solitude of hearing oneself think, which seems rare when there’s so much going on in the world to take in. Other times it’s not thinking I seek from my self-date as it is in finding distractions to help take things off my mind and prevent me from dwelling further on them. Things like putting on a good movie to escape into like a Nicholas Sparks drama or something light and airy like the TV series Friends that I can get hooked into have worked well for distraction. There are also those times when screen time seems too stimulating so here I’ll crack open that book I’ve been meaning to read and catch-up on it or will simply lie still and allow my thoughts to settle as I began to process the day or rest of the week.

All in all whatever I may have chosen hasn’t mattered as much as the fact that my making this time for myself that’s not just a great way to end what can seem a stressful or overwhelming week, but has become an invaluable way to fit some self-care into any Friday night before heading into the weekend. It’s time I lavish in and can confidentially recognize how wonderfully refreshing it has been for both my body and mind to stay in after a week’s worth of activity, and do something just for me.

So, here’s my question to you: What’s one way you can experience JOMO, and plan to fit it into your week? Let me know down below…

JOMO-Fully Yours,


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