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Summer Reading Goal- Accomplished

Well friends I have some exciting news! Remember that summer reading goal I set at the beginning of July to read three books by the end of the summer well… with some hard work, many long weekends and time without the Internet have been able to reach this wonderful goal I set. In fact not only did I reach it but have actually managed to surpass it by a bonus of two books. Which, may not sound like much but for this slow, yet avid reader it’s a great success to have gotten through five books and be working on a sixth.

Some of these were non-fiction, and helped inspire me to continue to accomplish my goal and tackle my fears, while a good portion were the light, easy to read kind of fiction perfect for summer afternoons or weekends at the lake- both of which I was able to enjoy, and find inspiration to keep reading throughout the Fall. For now, I share with you the Summer Officially Read List and a brief breakdown of the reads that inspired a summer full of reading.

Rundown of Summer Reads- Fiction: 

The summer started off with City of Girls a 460 page novel by Elizabeth Gilbert about the extravagance of New York in the 1930’s theatre world full of glamour, eccentric characters and some fairly interesting situations that had me hooked from the start. Plus, with it’s being on the long side I barely but proudly finished it and am glad to say that it’s a read well worth checking out. Along the way I also read a Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult about how the choices we make can affect us, especially those made for the unborn as this true Jodi Picoult read examines the subject of abortion in a way that asks readers to consider both sides of the debate. As well, it got me thinking about my choices and how sometimes we have a tendency to judge others based on their choices without knowing the full story. Next up was the Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, my first romance novel and a fabulously delightful romantic read about the main character’s quest to practice being intimate with someone and so to help her in this mission she seeks out the help of an escort in which together they explore this quest while trying not to fall in love. It’s an entirely different read that had me blushing at times, but equally charmed by its’ story and characters, particularly that of the main character who is written as Autistic, just like the author herself.

Wonderful Non-Fiction Picks:

Of course what would summer reading list wouldn’t be complete without a few non-fiction picks in the mix, so to round out things off the two great non-fiction self-help reads that got me inspired this summer were “My Friend Fear” by Meera Lee Patel and “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. These I believe are the perfect self-help books to check out any time of the year, but particularly in the summer they provided light enough, but inspiring reads that got me thinking about the false beliefs I tell myself, how they hold me back and how to change that narrative to pursue my goals, and in My Friend Fear I learned how our fears can hold us back from having meaningful experiences and enjoying life. In this way, you could say they each in some way inspired me to be brave this summer, continue working towards my goals and not let fear stop me from continuing to try new  new reads.

Over-all, it’s been a page turning, library book borrowing, intriguing read kind of summer. One that as we’ve made it to September has me inspired to read more into the fall and continue to work my way through the now Summer-Fall reading list I have on my phone.

So Happy Reading Folks and as Always Stay You-nique,