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My September Goal: Fall back into a Writing Rhythm

(And why it’s important for me)

It’s that time of year again, the end of summer and the beginning of Fall, but more importantly it’s the season of transitioning back into our Fall routines after the summer’s rhythm of long weekends, vacations, time off and lax summer planning. As many of us face once more the structure and steadiness that the fall inevitably brings, I too am working on getting back into a more structured routine myself, one that’s fairly important to me… and that’s returning into a writing rhythm.

It is a routine I’ve recognized that’s both important for my creativity and mental well- being in the same way exercising would be for your physical well-being and health. In that like any routine, done regularly, I feel better when I am able to express my ideas or actually getting around to write them. In this creative space everything seems to fall into place, I feel better about myself, more confident, inspired, valuable and empowered. Writing also acts as an outlet that helps me constructively release some of the frustrations, energy (which creativity has an ever pulsating energy of its’ own) and ideas that for the longest time may have been stewing in my head. Thereby, allowing me to better focus on what’s asked of me and boosting my mental well-being.

Being Out of Sync:

However when I haven’t put the proper dedicated time aside to write or given myself the opportunity because of distractions or being out of a routine this energy stews up and creates friction inside of me, blocking me from experiencing all those valuably positive and self-confident feelings that put me right in the flow. Instead I get irritated, feel stagnant, frustrated that I haven’t gotten around to carving out that space for myself and can really go into a slump. In essence, I just don’t feel like myself (one bit).

(So those around me be warned… an unhappy or cranky Kylie = one who hasn’t gotten around to writing for the week or herself)

The difference is always clearly felt, both by myself and those around me, it’s a feeling that’s no fun, but really in the end has motivated me to get back into the writing routine, one that allows me to feel like my more truer, kinder and inspired self. It’s why I have set as my goal this September and the rest of fall because no one likes a crabby blogger, least of all me.

Question: What’s one routine you hope to get back into now that we’ve entered the fall? Feel free to commit below.