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Mushrooms, How I Despise Those Fungi!

(P.S. It’s a Texture Thing)

I have a secret to tell, one I promise to divulge if you don’t laugh or poke fun…I have an aversion to mushrooms. Yes, as weird as it sounds that’s the truth, there are a very few foods that I am averse to and mushrooms are one of them. They are one of those weird textured foods that through an unfortunate experience early on left me skeptical if they can be trusted. Another hesitant in not liking them is their texture/textures- something that plays a part in any foods liking or unliking, but mushrooms in particular have one I cannot stand. Specifically, it’s their combination between slimy and smooth that has me weirded out and asking “how could something be both?” vow to avoid eating mushrooms whenever possible, and baffled that others can enjoy them weird texture and all.

Those others are my family, the ones not weirded out by mushrooms texture or the fact that they grow from the ground and the only protocol for washing them is lightly scrubbing them with a wet paper towel to remove dirt… lightly, as if only removing a fine layer of dirt will do? Luckily, I always do my part to educate family on how weird mushrooms are, my dislike of them and how I’d appreciate if all recipes would exclude the use of mushrooms for my benefit. Sometimes they listen to this request empathically and point out when mushrooms have been excluded from a recipe, but lately they’ve been more sneaky about incorporating them into dishes. Ones like pizzas, pastas, even sautéing them for an additional weird experience hoping that I won’t notice the mushrooms surprise appearance. Yet, I have a radar for mushrooms in any sort of dish and can easily spot them when served. I know what they look like cooked, raw, chopped, hidden with vegetables, or covered in cheese. I know that prepared one way, mainly sliced or quartered they are easy to spot; and afford me the opportunity to delicately pick them out and place them on the edge of my plate, for the mushroom lovers to enjoy. While prepared another way like finely chopped or diced, these dicey vegetables are harder to spot and are more easily accidentally consumed without warning.

Knowing Thy Fungi Enemy…

Why know all this about a food you hate? you ask. Well… so on the rare occasions that I do decide to try mushrooms or am presented with a dish that includes them in it  I can better spot how they are prepared and investigate further whether they are something I can truly like or simply tolerate them (but for another time). For I have come to accept that in a family of mushroom lovers I am outnumbered (3-1), so have taken the old approach “if you can’t beat em’, join em” (the mushroom lovers that is). The rest of the time lend those slimy suckers to family, put them aside on your place for someone else to enjoy who will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of their texture.


Until next time look out for the fungi and as always Stay You-nique,



Feature Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash