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An Ode to Why I Love Books and Discovering Them!

(a.k.a This Booklovers’ Dilemma)

Really I can’t help myself their words lure me in, their covers tempt me to peak inside, to read further into the stories they hold and the people who tell them. At times I want to know more, learn more, flip through to see what each has in store for me. I am a reader most intrigued by the possibility of a good book, who likes to steep myself in the story, taking my time to read through it as an enjoyable experience than speed through with the goal of simply finishing it. It is the stories that are true or that hold some truth to them, something I can take with me along the way to understand either my own experience or others better is what gets my interest.

There is a skill involved in making a story believable, in bringing an idea to life and crafting characters as if they are real and piecing everything together so it makes sense. It is something I can admire as done by fiction writers and am okay to admit in leaving their genre of writing up to them. I also have an admiration in the courage it takes to share one’s own experience to future readers, which in sharing your story with the world you are owning it  (I once read somewhere). It is what the best stories are made of, as even fiction stories have some truth to them. 

Mostly, I marvel at the thrill of discovering a new read on the shelf, like finding a lost treasure each book offers the possibility to explore more what’s inside and gain an understanding into the author’s life or imagination. Each book presents the opportunity to learn from the author’s style and observe how they use words to paint a picture of scene, experience or moment putting you right in the action of all that’s going on. As a writer these are the ones that leave me wondering “how it’s done?” “where did get their idea or approach to write?” but most importantly I find myself asking “how can I learn from them to improve on my own writing?” because there is always something to be learned from in writing, and the best way to learn is through reading. Really, it can be like an almost free course on how to build your own style and ,if you are inquisitive enough to look closer, figure out what it means to tell a story and do to so well.

So, in this way I am simply not collecting books, but learning how to use them as resources as I work towards improving my own writing with the hopes that one day it might be my book someone is picking up on the shelf and interested in learning more from. It’s one part of what inspires me to browse the shelf even when I already have several on the go, the other is that there are those wonderfully inspiring reads that just speak to me, that call my name as I pass by, tempting me to explore further and take them home. Ones which offer new inspiration, stories to escape into and make long summer days more interesting.

To my fellow booklovers, May your reading experience be inspired, the reads be good, and most importantly remember to Stay You-nique

Inquisitively Yours,


Feature Photo by Gregory Culmer on Unsplash