One Woman’s Shopping Search is Another’s Organized Chaos

Why I’m Not the Greatest Discount Brand Shopping Fan!

What do you see walking into a discount brand store… the thrill of the hunt, racks of clothing waiting to be discovered and an enjoyable shopping experience. I see a store that looks like organized chaos from the moment I enter the doors at the front and begin to navigate my way to the women’s section (or whatever section I’m hoping to find) all the way to the back where the change rooms are located. I look at it all laid out in front of me, their vastness never-ending in an order that must make sense to some but doesn’t to me and wonder where to start.

A good place might be in picking the aisle or clothing category you are looking for such as “women’s wear- tops” or “women’s wear pants” and searching there but the catch always seems to be that just as the clothing is squeezed too tightly into a rack making it hard to browse through. The racks themselves are placed in such a way that it’s hard not to bump into fellow shoppers on the opposite side or make up space for someone else coming down the aisle, especially if they are shopping with a cart. For some this might seem doable, or at the very least worth the slight uncomfortable experience in order to snag a great deal, but for me- the conscious shopper- I am very much aware of the space I take up and will make a conscious effort to move into a less populated area (out of the way) so that others can get through. It’s a habit I’ve acquired working in a public place myself that comes in handy when out and about, especially in tight places where there isn’t much room to move and we all feel like sardines, so if you’re looking for me at any point during this experience or wonder where I’ve conveniently placed myself I’ll be at the front of the racks or aisles awaiting the opportunity to move back into place.

On the few occasions I’ve decided to give this kind of shopping a try myself, I often look at the racks and realize that it’s not going to be the “efficient shopping experience” I’d hope for or have with the stores I do prefer to shop at. Here there’s mismatched collections in different sizes, limited quantities, tags sometimes hidden out of reach. Not to mention that often enough the sizes of clothes somehow end up migrating into other size categories mysteriously leading this shopper to search more carefully in her mission for the exact size medium she’s looking for.  In this way, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack or more true to life a size medium in a clothing rack of smalls, mediums (if you can find them) and larges definitely out of place. So, it is at this stage of the shopping experience- exasperated by the endless search along with constantly having to reposition myself in and out of the way that I outsource my efforts to family members (mainly sister and Mom) who have far more patience, persistence and experience in the process of combing through racks of clothing while I nod my approval at theirs picks in an attempt to get this show on the road and carry on with the rest of our shopping experiences.

Until next time, Happy Shopping and Stay You-nique,