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Growing Through Life on the Spectrum

Growing is a part of life and our experiences as human-beings, sometimes this growth is good like tackling new experiences, learning new skills and stepping outside our comfort zones all of which help us grow further positively. While other times it can can be quite painful, uncomfortable, challenging and stretches us in ways we may not be ready to be stretched in, or takes us into new and unfamiliar territory in which we must step lightly into.  As someone on the Autistic spectrum I know exactly how painful it is to have to grow through things, as it seems I am constantly running into ways to grow or better understand in order to adapt in different situations. Whether that’s learning how to become a better communicator in order to strength my relationships; figure out my schedule or find that balance between work, rest and play, it’s all a part of the process. I also find ways to grow as a writer in what I am reading and often use that to better understand the world that can seem rather confusing at time or in seeking answers to experiences I have yet to understand.

In the process of growth and better self-awareness (one that I’m not yet an expert in), of course mistakes are made, misunderstandings happens and I find myself always thinking “here I grow again”. As it seems, just when I’ve figured something out something new comes along that challenges my understanding once more, so out comes the “growing hat” reminding me there is still more to learn, even on experiences I believe to have already grown from the learning continues. In this way, you could call me a “Master at Growth”, “Expert at Learning” or just another human-being trying to find her way in the world.

As I have discovered growth is an endless process of ups and downs, one that at times can test our inner strength, ability to learn and adapt in the world, understand others and better use the skills we are still developing to work through situations that may be new to us, such as communicating in different situations, that may not have been filled into the manual yet. As someone navigating this experience- and life on the spectrum- the key is in taking these experiences (even the tough ones) learning to grow from them, accepting that in every situation you may not know everything about it and be willing to seek further understanding in order to grow. You may not always get everything right (that’s the painful part), but each time you run into an uncomfortable experience it gets a little easier, learn a little more and are able to see exactly what you are capable of handling.

So Until next time, keep growing and as always

Stay You-nique,


This post is also dedicated to someone whose always inspired growth in me, my Grandma. Happy Birthday!

Feature Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash