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Working Towards Independence

One Step and Ride at a Time

Independence can mean many things and take many different forms depending on who you are. It can mean getting around on your own/finding alternative modes of transportation, creating your own plans outside of just spending time with family, cooking your own meals, living on your own, supporting yourself financially and perhaps with all that comes the desire to explore further than where we are rooted.  Whatever it may be or look like is up to you and therefore will represent something completely different depending on your circumstances. For me, the idea of becoming independent is something I’ve always wanted to improve on in different ways, but most recently I’d like to become comfortable getting to work on my own, which now that I’m working even closer to home this seems at least more doable and a good step to take.

What Does It Eventually Mean? Or End Goal…

P.S. Not actual mode of transportation, but it was taken at a time when I felt more independent than ever and was brave enough to travel to Italy with my Aunt!

Don’t get me wrong I am forever grateful for all the rides I’ve gotten to work, to friends places, the mall, movies or anything or time I’ve needed to be somewhere or go somewhere I was fortunate enough to find a way there, but to successfully take this next step forward would not only mean relying less on others to get around, but less time coordinating my plans and theirs, more just doing, further places to go and freedom to get there. It could mean ultimately becoming self-sufficient, at least in terms of transportation and that’s a pretty cool thing when you think of it. Taking this small step really will open up a world of possibilities to come in terms of exploration and transportation in different scenarios beyond the idea of just getting to work.

For now, it’s getting comfortable on the public transit bus again, something I’ve been putting off because of nerves, uncertainty and self-doubt but with the inspiration and support of others I know it possible, in fact I’ve done it before and it was the best feeling in the world to be able to get around on my own. This is what motivates me the most to try again no matter how many attempts or minutes added to the journey I am determined to figure this out and get familiar riding the bus again on my own. As with any unpracticed experience, getting back into it most likely will be intimidating at first as it requires stepping outside my comfort zone, a place I got too used to staying in because it got familiar, predictable, easy but most of all convenient; but no growth, meaningful experience or independence for that matter comes from staying within what’s familiar. It comes from taking that first step, challenging ourselves and yes boarding the bus towards independence, one step and ride at a time.

Question of the Week: What is one way you wish to improve your independence or are working to do so?

Until next time, keep on keeping on and as always Stay You-nique!


Feature Photo by Julian Friedle on Unsplash