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Kylie’s Three P Approach to Managing Life’s Activities

Autistic Working Women Approved

Life can be crazy sometimes, busy and full of activities, things and commitments to juggle. It can also be a lot to think about and keep track of. As someone whose been dipping her toes in different projects and continuing to maintain the connections that are most important to me I have discovered through much trial and reflection that fitting everything in or trying to at least doesn’t get one very far or allow the necessary opportunity to fully recharge from the interaction and activity. The result of this in balance between rest and recreation in the past has been days of missing the ball, struggling to function properly or just barely getting by without realizing that sometimes while it may be the norm to put as much into one week as possible, it doesn’t work for me. I’m either too tired to enjoy spending tine with the ones who matter or be present or become exhausted by the end of the week.

What It Really Comes Down to with the 3 P Approach:

To help me in this quest for balance, productive and time management I’ve devised a 3 P Approach which unlike the peas I so often detested as a kid growing up that were wrinkly, weird and hard to swallow. These P’s are more like guiding ideas and suggestions to help simplify your life along with the many tips out there, manage commitments and learn how to fit in time for ourselves in whatever way may suit best. What that looks like is up to you and really depends on your schedule but it is important and in further reading you’ll find out more but they are as follows: Planning, Prioritizing and Pausing. Each of these work together and are ideas that can help make finding the time we need to fit in everything (including ourselves) more sustainably possible so that we are able to better function, work, engage, and interact in the world without feeling totally burnt out or depleted from it’s demands.

This is the goal anyways and why I’ve kept this approach simple and manageable because what good is it if everything is so complicated and down to detail; also this way it allows room for flexibility, unexpected plans, setbacks and new adventures to arise. For those who are concerned about taking on anything new and find that sometimes even the simplest habits or suggestions can be too much I’m breaking them down P’s by P’s as a way to gradually introduce them and share how they can help in everyday life.

You-nique and Peas-fully Yours,


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