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Do you struggle to find a sense of calm after being out in the world?

Ever wonder what to do after work? Or struggle to find a sense of calm after the chaos of navigating the workplace or experiences?

I know I do and returning to work lately has been an interesting experience, one I am more mindful of this time around than last. Particularly when it comes to the effects that environment has on me. For instance, it’s not just the work load or how busy a day it is, but things like florescent lights flickering, white noises and the experience of being out interacting in the work environment also play a part into what a work day feels like to me.

This is because as an Autistic working adult I often pick up on everything happening around me in the same way, and so it all becomes a part of the work experience or work process. Therefore, I’ve realized this time around that it is important to allow myself the opportunity to process the experience and rest from the stimulation that working in an environment has on me.

How might I do this? You ask…

Well, by creating an end of work routine to help with the unwinding process and gradually transition into safely being home again and in my own environment.

The Pre-Work and Post-Work Plan:

One of the first steps I do before work begins is make my bed and organize my room. I find that doing so ensures that after being out and about I have an inviting, organized and calm space awaiting me to recharge and decompress in after work. It is also here I find inspiration to write and plan my side hustle, the blog.

Next, after coming home from work I change from work clothes to home clothes. It’s an important step that helps me transition from work to home and separate my shift ending from the beginning of the evening where I can relax.

Lastly, before beginning anything else, blog work or writing included, I retreat to my room, take a few deep breaths, lie out on my pillows for a minute and just allow myself to be still after working and taking in so much of the environment. Doing this step helps me process everything including the thoughts, demands, and impression on the day, step back from it all, settle down and create an inner calm.

From here, I chose a few simple and enjoyable activities, before diving into blog work, planning or responding to emails, to help me refocus my energy and have some much needed downtime as the day unwinds or dinnertime approaches.

The Real Why:

Simply following this four step routine, in any order has helped me tremendously navigate the adjustment needed to get used to a new work environment, become more settled after work, and allow for the proper amount of rest for the next day or next day’s shift in a calmer, centred and mentally well-rested place.

From here,

Happy Unwinding and as always Stay You-nique,


Feature Photo by Dale Nibbe on Unsplash

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash