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How the Routines We Create Can Help Us

An Insightful Post on Experiencing Transitions

Change it seems can be found in every stage of life and within every new experience. As I write this even the season is transitioning as we leave behind Winter and enter into Spring full of it’s own changes and in between stages, we’ll call Splinter. It is in this way, as the seasons adjust, I am reminded to embrace the seasons of my own life, as it evolves and changes over time with each new transition. It’s an experience that isn’t always easy, especially if it involves leaving behind the familiar and embracing the uncertainty that comes with learning, growing and adjusting to something new most likely outside our comfort zones. The one thing that’s helped me get through has been keeping up with a routine that is familiar and using that as a tool to help with the transition.

How It’s Helped:

For me, this routine has been continuing to write for the blog, and myself as well. It is the one thing at times when everything’s felt off or not quite right has helped turn me and it around, and out of all the other habits it’s the one I have been able to consistently come back to. Even when things got stressful or a little out of place knowing that it’s there has helped make it an important and dependable tool to rely on now as things settle down and I continue to work my way through things becoming familiar. As with many things, but especially our habit or routines, what’s more important is in the act of doing it and focusing on the benefits gained from sticking with it. Things like the consistency a routine provides can offer wonderful reassurance that while it may seem like everything is changing around us, there are somethings such as the routine that remained the same, or how by establishing a routine to keep up with you know what to expect from it more having set it yourself. Lastly an important part of what helps me cope with transitions in my life is the structure having a routine has provided that helps me make the most of days and weeks where there hasn’t been a whole lot of it, this routine gave me something to work and know what to do with my time. Therefore I haven’t quite felt so lost or overwhelmed by days left wide open.

Over-all, our routines and the structure they provide can act as a tool to not only help us cope with life’s uncertainties and steady ourselves through lives transitions, but can be the thing to provide us with more certainty in our day to day life as we adjust, adapt and become more comfortable with life over-all.

*One last tip, and that’s keep it simple. When things may seem overwhelming or anxious, then taking on something complicated or all new will just add to that feeling, but by starting with a simple and small habit or routine it will be easier to uphold during stressful times.*

 Stay Patient, Consistent, but most importantly Stay You-nique!


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Feature Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash