In Honour of International Women’s Day~ Then and Now

A Blogpost on the Importance of Sharing Our Experiences and Insights!

A year ago today, on the week of International Women’s Day I would not have thought that speaking in front of others would be in the cards for me or that by doing so I could make a difference for myself and others in the world, just by sharing. I doubt I even had the self-confidence to believe what I had to share had value, never mind that it would later create a new sense of purpose for me and way to make a difference for others. Yet, March 8th of last year I participated in an event on International Women’s Day that helped me realize that it is possible for us to make a difference, even if it’s in our own lives, we can take that become empowered and create change where we are just by sharing our gifts and experiences with others. This happened to be the big take away that day that we as individuals could create change wherever we are, in the smallest of ways.

It since encouraged me not only to share on that day, but continue to share on the experiences that play an important part of what I’m doing now, which is speaking in front of others in order to help them understand the challenges growing up Autistic and how that has shaped where I am today. It is an awareness that has also come from connecting with others, reading and reflecting back over past experiences that lead me to discover that when it comes to understanding, the female Autistic perspective is often over-looked and therefore harder to be recognized and receive support through diagnosis. This is something I know has helped me get the support I’ve needed at times, made a difference in how I’ve been able to better understand myself and begin working on the self-acceptance needed to embrace the strengths that come with being Awesomely Autistic and female.

A Journey not without It’s Challenges:

This doesn’t mean I didn’t have my own struggles or that knowing helped make everything easier, but it did give me a better chance of making it through life’s difficult and often confusing experiences with the support I needed at important times and work towards better self-acceptance and awareness at each stage of the journey. It is this realization that empowers me to keep writing, embracing my own journey with more gratitude and share with others the experiences that have been a part of what it’s like being Autistic and female has been like for me. I also share with the hopes that those coming behind me can get the support, understanding and begin the journey towards self-acceptance moving forward from a less confusing place and more accepting place.

It is this reason that got me believing we all have something to bring when it comes to creating better understanding, building our community, supporting each other and sharing our experiences. Something that’s uniquely ours and that offers insight only we can truly speak of. That is what really is like for us, and by letting others know how we’ve got through empowering them to do the same.

So to all the awesome and Au-some females out there making a difference. Keep being your amazing selves, shining, sharing and most importantly Stay You-nique!

Ausomely Yours,