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Practicing Self-Care and What It’s Going to Look Like

~ Lesson in Following My Own Advice~

Sometimes self-care isn’t fancy spa nights, healthy habits or pampering yourself. Sometimes, it’s curling up with a good blanket in front of the TV, putting on a TV show, while taking a minor break from writing and realizing that things may be different coming up or that the “boss” (you) hasn’t allowed any vacation time off or mandatory breaks in a while; both of which might be much needed, and therefore self-care seems like an especially good idea. If this is the case, as it is for me, then it is also a good time to be gentle on ourselves and practice incorporating the habits that can help make these transitions less stressful or allow one to feel rested to take on the following days. At least, this is where I will be at this next while and why I am finding now a good time to remember the techniques or strategies that will help me ease into this change.

Why is This Important?

As a blogger working from home it has been hard to allow myself extra breaks now and then; or moreover schedule them in when needed. Blame it on that work till you drop mentality or having to schedule one more thing into my day, but this is often how it goes. Which as glamorous or productive as it may sound going through life this way, without set breaks or the practice of proper self-care it gets pretty tiring and uninspiring after a while of slogging away at the computer for the latest blog post, especially when the “boss” hasn’t made it clear when the schedules breaks are, but yet they are much due.

I believe that self-care is also important during times of transitions or changes, as we adjust into new routines, as in my case, or a new way of working that calls for some allowances to be made or rearranging to be done that will take additional efforts and energy to get used to. In fact, I’m writing this blogpost while adjusting to a new routine myself, and as a reminder that it’s okay to take it easy and allow myself the needed adjustment during this time. Over-all, keep in mind that self care looks different on each of us, and what may work for me may be different for you, but the idea is to take better care of ourselves and rest easily in the process.

So, without further ado, here is my very rough plan of how I am practicing self-care:

  1. Make the most of the time I have off and optimize mornings, which is the best time for me to write.
  2. Plan more self-care into daily life including the chance for breaks, work out a good balance of writing, resting and planing along with some fun, but most importantly get a good nights sleep.
  3. Practice more kind ideas such as self-support and self-compassion as I continue to learn, grow and adjust with this new transition. I set this generally, but also for the blog so that if I don’t get around to posting on the exact date that’s okay or if I don’t get as much writing done during this time, that’s okay too.
  4. Be more mindful of my own energy, where I spend it and make the most of my own time.

To sum up and reassure you: It doesn’t mean that I won’t try to get my writing done, because it is still very much an important part of my own work, just that things are going to be different and in need of adjusting. To help in this process I am giving myself the same self-care, understanding and self-compassion that I would a friend; only this time I am finally including myself in the plan for better self-care and self-compassion.

Stay caring, rested and productive, but most importantly Stay You-nique!


Feature Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash