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Five Ways to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

My Self-Love Mission and Ways to Incorporate Self-Love into Your Valentine’s Day:

Well friends,

Valentine’s Day is upon us and as I publish this post it will have arrived full of love, chocolates and indulgences galore. Aside from the obvious reasons to celebrate, I’ve come up with one important reason to celebrate it no matter what, and that’s to incorporate self-love into this day of love.

An idea that happens to be one of the intentions I’ve set for this year, and like many of them have forgotten to incorporate as the year went on, but as this occasion has come up again thought what a better time than any to revisit this idea, share some of the wonderfully indulgent ways to celebrate and incorporate self-love into Valentine’s Day and make it one that is special for you, and by you.

So, without further ado here’s some ideas to get you started on your Valentine’s Day of Self-Love!

 Five Fabulous Valentine’s Self-Love Ideas:

  1. Make it an easy morning or afternoon: I get that to some this may not be possible, so the alternative suggestion is to allow yourself an easy or relaxing evening. Create a good meal, light some candles, do nothing, watch a favourite show or curl up with a good book in some cozy sweats and not think about the million of other things to do until February 15th.
  2. Do one thing today you have been meaning to do before, or wanting to do, but put off: For me, it would be indulging in an at home facial the day before and a D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day manicure that makes me feel extra cared for. It could also be the chance to spend an extra five minutes journaling and worrying less about getting ready right away. Though, whatever it is, plan to do it today.
  3. Treat yourself to something special or indulgent, just because: This is something I do on occasion after a busy or productive week, but think it would be even better time to do it and embrace the holiday in your own unique way and after a long days work than with a reward.
  4. Write yourself a love letter or personalized Valentine: A radically new idea to me, this one just came in the process of brainstorming fun ideas or ways to practice self-love but makes a lot of sense when you think of it. When you think of how many cards have wonderful words written on them to loved ones compared to how often we are able to say those same words ourselves, it’s surprising but p. So, why not pick-up a neat Valentine’s Day card, address it to yourself and write a letter or note celebrating how awesome you are, fill it with praise, kind words, encouragement or perhaps even a a compliment and become your own secret admirer.
  5. Practice one act of self-care that day: It seems that self-love and self-care should go hand in hand anyways, so to honour that and further celebrate the idea of self-love, why not incorporate one feel good activity into your day, afternoon or evening to help you feel even better on this self-love day.

To this I’ll say Happy Valentine’s Day all and hope you enjoy celebrating it in a way that perfectly suits your You-nique self!




Feature Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash